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Jackson Hole Blog & News

Should I Rent Skis in Jackson Hole or Bring My Own?

To rent or not to rent skis is the question. They both have their advantages and disadvantages on your ski trip out to Jackson Hole. Some people don’t want the hassle of getting their gear from home to the hill as well as paying the airlines in extra baggage fees to do so, while others couldn’t […] Read More

Non-Skiers Guide to Jackson Hole

You’ve read the brochures, done the research, and yes heard the stories of how Jackson Hole is one of the best skiing destinations in the country and the world, but there’s just one catch you don’t ski or snowboard. Don’t worry there is still plenty to do in this beautiful and picturesque Teton town. We’ll […] Read More

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Jackson Hole Weather Forecast

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High: 27
Low: 11

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High: 31
Low: 11

Snow Likely
High: 19
Low: -1
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Jackson Hole Real Estate Company offers an experienced team of real estate agents to help you find and purchase your perfect piece of property in Jackson Hole. A full MLS search and property managment revenue projections are available. Whether you are buying or selling a home or investment property, our realtors are here to meet, greet, and exceed your expectations. 

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Katrina -I cannot thank you enough for your prompt and complete replies to my (unending?) questions. I know you are juggling scores of anxious travelers at any given time! Your personal regard is so very appreciated. -Caroll

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Jackson Hole Reservations Team

Reservations Department

Garret Baldock - Reservations Manager, Senior Reservations Agent

"Yes, a true native, born and raised in Jackson Hole, I remember my kindergarten half-day afternoons filled with skiing into the night by the lights at Snow King Mountain. Eventually growing out of my skis and into a better fitting snowboard, my exploration of local terrain migrated to Teton Village. Not only does Teton Village host the #1 Ranked Ski Resort in the USA, but also a vast selection of lodging accommodations all at my fingertips. With my local know-how and attention to detail, let me help you find the perfect lodging accommodations for both your winter and summer vacations!"

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Katrina Furrow - Senior Reservations Agent

"Canadian by birth, but if anyone asks where I am from, its Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have lived life to the fullest in Jackson and yet after twelve years, around every corner, I find a new adventure awaits, another chance to see or experience something truly amazing for the first time. I have felt cold bottomless powder beneath my board as I carved up a pristine mountain glade on Teton Pass, the breeze whisk my hair as I soared over the Tetons on a para-glide, the rush of white water as I rode the rapids of the Snake River, the pull of a brown trout as it snatched my fly off the waters of the Firehole River, and stood in utter amazement as I witnessed an entire herd of Elk tear down a mountainside lead by their big bugling leader in untamed Yellowstone National Park. Now it's your turn. Come find your adventure and I will find you the perfect place to stay and tell your stories of just another day in Jackson Hole!"

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Casey Cochran - Reservations Agent


"Born in East Texas but raised in the mountains of Wyoming. I have been lucky enough to call this beautiful place home since I was 10 years old. I love summer time in Jackson Hole and you will often find me rafting down the Snake River or hiking in Grand Teton National Park.  I have learned a lot over the time I have lived in Jackson. I can tell you where find a great steak and where to go for the best views in the Valley.  I look forward to helping you plan your vacation to Jackson Hole! "

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Ronnie Miller - Systems Management, Marketing Coordinator

"How fortunate I am to have been born in Jackson Hole Wyoming! Jackson Hole will always remain in the top of my list of favorite places on planet earth. Its outdoor activities are endless, the burger at Local is amazing, the fishing is unbelievable, not to mention the best skiing in the United States of America! I am also very fortunate to work with an amazing Team of people in these great businesses. We all have fun at what we do and enjoy helping people come and experience Jackson Hole and all that it has to offer."

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Homeowner Relations & Property Management

Laura Miller - Company Owner

"I have raised our family in Jackson Hole for 30 years. I enjoy the Tetons and gorgeous golf courses that our area has to offer. Skiing both at the Jackson Hole Ski Resort and cross country in the National Parks is amazing! Hiking and golfing in the perfect Wyoming summer temperatures is the best! Keeping a close watch on the properties we manage is a priority for me. I strive to ensure that any maintenance concerns are responded to quickly and resolved as efficiently as possible as to ensure that our guests are comfortable and enjoy the property they have rented."

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Administration Department

Sean McPherson - Revenue Management


"I have worked in the hospitality industry for the past eight years. In that time I have held several roles and lived in both the East and the West. Although I have to admit Jackson Hole is the most beautiful place I have every lived, Summer or winter it is truly a paradise. My favorite activities are hockey, snowboarding and golf."

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Kristy Miller - Marketing & Graphic Specialist

"Are you looking for a true Jackson Hole Local? Here I am and how lucky I am to say this. For the last several years, I have held many roles within our companies. This has increased my knowledge to help guide our staff, property owners, and guests. Some call me the "Go-to-Girl." Our company and rental market changes at a rapid speed. Our sales team learns daily how to stay ahead of the rental market and how to create new ideas to improve and grow. I enjoy selling Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado and sharing my sales experience with our staff so that they may ensure our lodging options will suit guests' desires."

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