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Glider Flights in Jackson Hole with Teton Aviation | | (208) 354-3100

This spectacular scenic glider ride will take you and one of our pilots into the heart of the Teton Range.  The glider will release from tow at about 12,000 feet near Table Mountain, in full view of the Grand Teton. As you glide back to the Driggs airport, enjoy the magic of motorless flight and discover what it truly means to soar like a bird.  In general, morning flights are the smoothest while afternoon flights offer the greatest potential for soaring to greater heights. A once in a lifetime experience you just won’t find anywhere else! Click here to meet our pilots!


Teton Aviation Scenic Flights FAQ

Is it safe to fly in a small airplane or glider?
Any outdoor or adventure activity carries risk but at Teton Aviation we take every opportunity available to mitigate that risk. Your safety is our number one priority. Since opening our doors in the 1990’s we have been flying scenic tours without a single issue. Our airplanes and gliders are FAA certified and undergo regular and thorough maintenance inspections by FAA certified mechanics. Teton Aviation pilots are FAA certified commercial pilots and highly trained both in the aircraft and the mountain environment in which we fly. Our pilots, as a group, have decades of flying experience and specialize in mountain flying. If it isn’t safe we won’t be flying, that we will guarantee!

Can gliders really fly with no engine?
YES! Gliders are a special class of planes which are designed to be towed up into the sky by a tow plane and then released to glide along the air currents, slowing sinking or rising with the air. It is called soaring. Their long wings allow them to stay in the air an especially long time depending on the conditions. Picture hawks floating in the wind and that is how a glider flies. Our flights generally last about an hour with the first 30 minutes being towed up then another 30-40 minutes exploring the Teton Range on the way back to the airport to land.

What should I bring and wear?
On a cool day you will want to dress in layers, a lighter shirt with a sweatshirt or jacket. Flights are usually fairly warm once you are in the plane or glider but you may get cool getting into the plane. In the winter for airplane rides, wear what will keep you comfortable walking from your car to the plane and you will be fine, no need to bundle up extra. Our airplanes do have heat once you are up in the air and vents which allow for cool air depending on the conditions that day. Glider rides can be colder but the glass canopy has a greenhouse effect allowing the sun to warm you quite well on a sunny day! You will want a brimmed hat and sunglasses as well a sunscreen though to protect you from the intense rays. A camera is a must, these views are unforgettable but you will want to share them with your friends and family!

Can I use my cell phone?
It is unlikely you will have service up in the air but you are welcome to try! The safety of the flight will not be affected by your phone.

How long are the flights?
Airplane and glider rides are about an hour for the listed rates. If you would like to stay up longer, let us know and we will try to accommodate your request for an additional charge.

Is it hot/cold up there?
The air outside can be warm or cold depending on the time of year but you will be comfortable if you follow our “what to bring and wear” guidelines from above.

Can we fly over the Grand Teton/Yellowstone Park?
Our scenic operation permit does not allow us to operate flights over the National Parks, so a flight directly over the Grand or to Yellowstone is not possible. We plan our route to get you within a ½ mile of the National Park boundary and close enough to the Grand you can see the mountain climbers and hikers. Not to worry the views will be amazing!

Should I tip my pilot?
Gratuities are never required but always appreciated if you felt you had an outstanding experience. If you would like to add a gratuity to your credit card payment just let the customer service rep at the desk know when you pay for your flight.

Are there weight or age limits?
Yes, in order to safely operate our aircraft we do have to limit the weight of our passengers. Glider passengers must be under 220 pounds. Airplane passengers are limited to a total weight, for all 3 passengers, combined of 500 pounds and single passengers of 275 pounds. We may need to discretely verify your weight before the flight.

What is the cancellation policy?
We ask that you give TAC 24 hour notice if you need to cancel your flight and you will not be charged. We will make exceptions for emergencies or illness. If the flight is canceled due to weather, pilot or mechanical issues you will not be charged but we would love to reschedule your flight if time allows. You will be charged for the flight if you do not cancel with proper notice.

Can I take my flight if the weather is cloudy, cold, rainy, windy…?
In general we want to have nice clear skies and calm to light winds to make your flight the most comfortable and scenic. This is typically our weather in the summer but of course not every day. If the mountains are blocked by clouds, your views will be limited and windy conditions can make for a possible bumpy ride. The Bi-Plane ride needs to have cooler temperatures for best performance so rides may not be possible as temperature heats up on summer afternoons. It is best to book flights in the mornings during the summer months.

As long as conditions are deemed safe by the pilot and you are fine with any limitations or effects on comfort we will be glad to go flying! If the weather is questionable, your pilot or the customer service staff will be in touch to discuss your options. We will not fly on a day where the weather is potentially unsafe due to poor visibility, low clouds, high winds or thunderstorms. You will not be charged if your flight is cancelled due to weather.

Is the listed cost per person?
The prices listed are for the flight, not per person. However the glider and bi-plane are limited to one passenger and the pilot. Our airplane flight is for up to 3 passengers. The Kodiak can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

Will I get airsick?
In general most of our passengers do not have issues with airsickness on our airplane rides. If you have a tendency to get motion sickness you may want to consider an OTC remedy such as non- drowsy Dramamine, ginger candy or acupressure bracelets. Eating a light meal an hour or two before the flight is also a good idea. An empty stomach and nerves is not always a good combo! Definitely let your pilot know if you are not feeling well and we will do everything we can to make you more comfortable or head back to the airport. We do provide air sick bags in the case of an emergency.

Passengers on our glider rides are sometimes more susceptible to motion sickness as these flights can tend to be a bit more bumpy. If you tend to have issues with motion or sea sickness be sure to schedule your flight in the morning when condition are cooler and smoother. Always let your pilot know how you are feeling so they can make your flight an amazing experience!

When you book your reservation let our customer service representative know if you are prone to motion sickness and we will make sure you are booked on a flight earlier in the day when the conditions are calmer.

Do I need a reservation?
Yes! Reservations are highly recommended! We will make every effort to accommodate walk in passengers, however it is often not possible.

Do I need to arrive early for my flight?
We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your flight to take care of paperwork and last minute needs.

What are the hours of Operation for scenic flights?
In the summer (June-Sept) we offer scenic flights 7 days a week starting at 7:30am-5pm. We do recommend booking flights in the morning hours for a smoother flight experience. All flights are subject to availability and weather. Call to check availability for evening sunset flights.
In the spring, fall and winter we offer flights 7 days a week 8am-3:30pm. Glider and bi-plane rides are only offered May-October. Cessna and Kodiak flights are available year round. Call to check availability for a sunset alpenglow flight.

Where are you located?
Teton Aviation Center is in Driggs, Idaho at the Driggs Airport (KDIJ). The address is 253 Warbird Ln. We are about 1 mile north of the town of Driggs. Visit our contact page to view a map and directions.


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