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Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole AirportThe Jackson Hole Airport is the only airport in the United States that is within the boundaries of a National Park. It is located 8 miles from the town of Jackson, and on a clear day our guests flying into the area will see magnificent views of the Grand Tetons and surrounding mountain ranges of Grand Teton National Park. Our jet service to the area has been expanding every year to include many non-stop flights to many International airports and locations.

We recommend all of our guests come at least 2 hours early to the Jackson Hole Airport before thier flight departure time. We do have security screening and International travelers should arrive even earlier based on screening and the smaller airport size. The airport is about 30 minutes from the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village and about 10-15 minutes from the town of Jackson.

As the popularity of the Parks and the local area increases, the expansion of service is becoming competitive among the airlines wanting a greater share of the marketplace. The airport has recently been expanded and features a great new restaurant that serves Starbucks coffee. Hours of operations are from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. The breakfast menu features a few special items like the breakfast burritos and custom sandwiches. The dinner menu features delicious salads and other entrees.

Jackson BoardingThere is a great new gift shop that has an assortment of souvenirs and books to read for those waiting passengers. Books written on the history and lifestyles of Jackson Hole as well as information on the National Wildlife Art Museum.

Ground Transportation to and from the Jackson area is plentiful. All-trans is our largest company and can provide shuttles, busses and private cabs for our visiting guests. There are a number of other taxi service companies to handle any overflow during busy seasons. The airport also provides several transportation rental car agencies that service the area including Avis, Hertz and Alamo.

Plane Close-upJackson also has it's own private airport terminal known as Jackson Hole Aviation. This service provides excellent service for private jets and smaller airplanes coming to the valley. Pilots should be very experienced in mountain flying conditions before attempting to land on our shorter runway or flying by radar in bad weather.



For Sightseers, on occasion - our visitors will also see Air force II at the Jackson Hole Airport as Dick Cheney is a resident of Jackson Hole and lives in Teton Pines several months throughout the summer. There is heightened security in and around the airport and town with secret service when Mr. Cheney is in town. This is perhaps one of the most protected runways in the country during his visits and the airport is a different place upon arrival and departure of the Vice President.

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