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Town of Jackson

The beautiful setting of the Town of Jackson has become a favorite spot for weddings. Most weddings are in the summer months and ceremonies are performed in local churches and in outdoor settings as well. There are many logistics to planning a wedding in Jackson and our event planners and reservationist agents at Jackson Hole Reservations are here to assist those for wedding planning in the area.

We recommend planning a summer wedding well out in advance so we can reserve the proper facilities and obtain lodging for the guests coming to the wedding. Jackson Hole Reservations has the largest selection of rental homes, rental condos, and condominiums of any company in the valley. As well we represent all Jackson Hole hotels and Resorts in the area. For more moderate lodging we recommend the Miller Park Lodge and the Elk Refuge Inn. The Snow King Resort is also a popular and more affordable choice. This quaint resort is located at the base of one of our mountain ski areas in downtown Jackson.



Mark Barron is the present mayor of Jackson Hole and is serving his second term in office as of this writing. Mark is a great Mayor and has done a fantastic job serving the community. The Jackson Town Council has also done a great job accomplished quite a few things to make our lifestyles better. The present town council includes Scott Anderson, Abe Tabatabai, and Mark Obringer, and all of these fine representatives have served for several terms, and understand local government, important planning issues, and public process. Steve Harrington has recently joined the council members and has a background in engineering.

The town government is serving at a unique time in Jackson's history. The Town Council is working closely with county commissioners once a month on the first Monday to discuss many challenging issues including plans to work more closely together to consolidate tax dollars and combine many programs that are overlapping and not cost effective.

The town government discerns through many downtown zoning issues on a daily business as the owners of land, restaurants, shops and Downtown Hotels in Jackson Hole seek to expand their properties. In recent years the DRD (downtown Rezoned district) was introduced and passed. Shortly after passage, it was overturned by a hotly contested referendum that allowed higher density and height restrictions on buildings. This zoning rejection affected many commercial and residential developments and properties in many areas in East Jackson and points south in town.

Today, the Jackson Hole town government is making decisions that will affect all of us and generations to follow.