Top 10 Ski Runs at Jackson Hole

You’ve got your flight, reservations, and gear all squared away for your big trip out to Jackson Hole. Now you just need to cram for the skiing and riding, so to help you get familiarized with the mountain we present you with the Top 10 ski runs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Feel free to add to the list, everyone has their favorites, but this will surely get you started on the slopes at Jackson.

10) Sundance 

We had to include at least one blue trail on this list of ski runs at Jackson Hole for those looking for something besides a black diamond run. Sometimes you just want a cruiser run and Sundance definitely delivers in this department.  Sundance basically follows the route of the gondola all the way down the mountain. You cross several cat tracks on this burner of a run, so look before you catch any air. This is the run that makes you feel like you are competing in the Super G. Go for the gold. Blue Trail

9) Dicks Ditch 

Every year they host the Dicks Ditch competition for locals and pros. The skiers and riders rip through the single-track course and catch mucho air in attempts to have the fastest time. The competition lasts a weekend and although the course isn’t set up for the rest of the winter, you can still do your best pro rider impersonation and take a ride down Dicks Ditch as it snakes its way down the mountain in a natural half pipe. Go surf the walls of Dicks Ditch and add some freestyle to your day. Black Diamond

8) Bivouac

This run always looks steep, whether you are looking up at it or peering over it. It also feels as wide as a highway. Bivouac isn’t groomed often, so it can get some Volkswagen sized moguls on it, but with a fresh coat of snow it makes for a joyride and covers those bumps right up. If the conditions are just okay once you drop into it, feel free to do some powder recon in the trees on the left or right of it. Black Diamond

7) Cirque 

The name of this run comes from the French and means circus in Latin. Although you probably won’t run into any elephants and hopefully no clowns either, the Cirque forms a beautifully pitched wide-open bowl for your skiing and riding pleasure. It’s a bit of a traverse to get to the Cirque proper, so we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to drop in sooner on either Broadway or Snag Tree. You can’t really go wrong in this area. Black Diamond

6) Alta Chutes

Well you get a choice of Alta 1, 2, or 3, so make sure to choose wisely. Don’t worry you can always go back for the others if you are left wanting more and there is a good chance you will be. These runs are steep and have a little bit of everything; trees, rocks, pow. They also sit right under the chair and offer skiers and riders on Sublette some in flight entertainment. You are that entertainment, so stay in control, rip it, and don’t forget to show off just a little for those riding by. Or be a blooper roll. The choice is yours. Double Black Diamond

2010 JHMR Trail Map

5) The Headwall

Ok up to this point the lifts have gotten you everywhere you want to go, but they aren’t going to drop you off right at the Headwall, you’ll need to do a little bit of hiking for that tasty bowl a top the Gondola. The Headwall is avalanche patrolled, but avy gear is still recommended if you are going to earn these turns. There are two ways to get to the top of it. The most direct option is to take the white spider trail, which feels a bit like a snow ladder pointing straight up the mountain that Chewbacca set the boot pack for. The other option is to get off Sublette and head left and hike up Pepi’s Bench to the top. The second option is longer but a gentler climb. Put your gear back on at the top, drop in, and then admire your tracks for the rest of the day. Black Diamond

4) Rendezvous Bowl

It’s that big bowl at the very, very top of the resort that you saw clear from town and knew you would be skiing later. When you ride the tram up, the operator will give you the spiel about how Rendezvous Bowl is for expert skiers and riders only, the local standing next to you will probably be mouthing the script in unison since he or she has heard it so many times. And yes the visibility can be bad some days and require you to ski by using the force, but on a good day it’s not just where the tram docks; it’s your personal powder playground. The wind likes to howl up top, which can be a good thing. Days when the bowl hasn’t gotten a re-up of powder the wind can buff the bowl smooth, essentially grooming it. Those are the times when you want to be up there. Oh and if it’s clear the view ain’t bad either. Black Diamond

3) Expert Chutes

Aptly named and with a 40 degree pitch the Expert Chutes can be one heck of a run. Ride the Sublette Chair up and head left till you see the intimidating sign. Don’t worry you don’t have to be an expert but, it doesn’t hurt either. Negotiate your way through the top entrance, which can be peppered with rocks and scraped off snow. Don’t worry once you get through this first part you should be able to find your line and let it rip. Once you get to the bottom, congratulate yourself; you’re now an “expert”. Double Black Diamond

2) The Hobacks

Any local will tell you which way they lean when it comes to the Hobacks; if they align with the right, left, or stay central on the issue, but all you have to know is that it’s epic and where you want to be on a big powder day. If you like open and endless terrain (basically the size of a ski resort back east) then it really doesn’t matter if you go South, Middle, or North. All of it is one long face shot. Your legs will probably give out before your smile does. Hop a ride on Union Pass to get out, make your way back up the mountain and do it again.  Black Diamond

1) Corbet’s Couloir

The world is basically divided in to two groups. Those that have skied Corbet’s and those that have not. Even if you’ve never been to Jackson you’ve most likely heard of this legendary run. If you’ve ridden the tram you’ve seen that thin, steep, sliver of a run with a crowd of people above it thinking about dropping in or waiting their turn. The first turn is the hardest they say and the entrance to Corbet’s can be tricky to negotiate for sure. Most days it looks like an elevator shaft and the goat path can get rutty to say the least, but once you commit and find yourself in the couloir you can relax and ski the rewards. Welcome to the club. Advanced skier and riders only, Double Black Diamond