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Summer Music and Concerts in Jackson Hole

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some sunshine and quality live music in Jackson Hole. Enjoy our curated list below of some of the top summer concerts our team is looking forward to seeing this summer season:

Jackson Hole Live – The Wood Brothers

Friday, August 16, 6:00 pm.

The Wood Brothers band is comprised of brothers Chris and Oliver Wood, and Jano Rix, a multi-instrumentalist. They have an edgy/rootsy American sound. The Grammy-nominated album, One Drop of Truth, was the sixth outing by the band and a true crowd-pleaser. Come to Snow King Park this August to enjoy a completely new and pure sound with the Wood Brothers.

Music on Main – Pinky and The Floyd

Thursday, August 1, 5:30 pm-10:30 pm.

The Montana natives have been called the “Northwest’s Hottest Pink Floyd Tribute Band”, “Montana’s Most Electrifying Live Experience”, and the “Biggest Sound Under the Big Sky”. The band can be expected to perform over 80 songs, full of Pink Floyd music. Each of the concerts you attend will be a completely new experience. Music on Main is a free event and welcome to all ages.

Pink Garter Theatre – The Mountain Goats

Thursday, August 29, 8:00 pm.

Their songs can often have a dark layer to them that urges the dark monsters to seek out redemption. The band is made up of John Darnielle, Peter Hughes, Jon Wurster, and Matt Douglas. “Terrible Monster: What’s so terrible about monsters anyway?” This is the question the band has been pursuing ever since 1991. Come out and enjoy some of the beloved and classic songs from The Mountain Goats.


Jackson Hole Center for the Arts – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Sunday, August 25, 8:00 pm.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band remains one of the most accomplished bands in American roots music. Come and enjoy the well-known classics that have been loved and permeated the radio airwaves for generations, from “Fishin’ in the Dark”, “Mr. Bojangles”, and “Oh What a Love” with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts this coming August.

We hope you have the time of your life during your stay and get to enjoy some of the best music venues and concerts that summer in Jackson has to offer. Call our team today to learn more about what might be happening in town during your preferred dates of stay.

Courtesy of Jackson Hole Center for the Arts

Local Childcare for Your Night Out

If you’re traveling to Jackson this summer with a family in tow, you may find it relaxing to sneak away for a date night during your stay. Learn a little more about our team’s top choices for childcare in the Tetons during your vacation:

Jackson Hole Nannies

There are no reservation fees and the rates are as follows: $25/hour 1-2 children, $30/hour 3 children, $35/hour 4-5 children. Special rates apply for major holidays, all bookings require a 4 hour minimum, pay nannies with cash, check, or venmo. Additional charges that could accrue, include: $5/hr for a sick child, $20 travel fee for Victor/Driggs, and beyond 30 minutes from Jackson. (Some nannies do live in Victor/Driggs, if they are available, the travel fee is waived.)
Group reservations are welcome and the company can be contacted to get more information on group rates. Travel nanny options are available, as well.

Courtesy of Jackson Hole Babysitting

Jackson Hole Babysitting

There is a 4 hour minimum for all babysitting reservations. Rates will vary based on the length of service from $30 – $75 and number of children from $17 – $23/hr. Additional charges will accrue based on any reservations after midnight and before 7:00 am and for any driving distances beyond 30 minutes from the town of Jackson.

  • On call babysitting service – On call babysitting services for visitors and locals of Jackson, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho
  • Weddings and events – babysitting services on location for weddings/events
  • Nanny placement – for your convenience, they provide 6 month and 12 month contracts between nannies and families. Our placement fee is a one time charge to the family and must be paid in full immediately after all contracts are signed. (Full time 6 month placement fee: $850 {$35+ hrs/week}, Part-time 6 month Placement Fee: $650 {20-35 hrs/week}, Full-time 12 month Placement Fee: $1,200 {35+ hrs/week}, Part-time 12 month Placement Fee: $950 {20-35 hrs/week})
  • Overnight care – can be requested for an additional fee
Let the professionals at Jackson Hole Nannies and Jackson Hole Babysitting take care of your little ones while you enjoy a brief reprieve from the responsibilities of parenting while enjoying the stunning views, experiences, and dining that Jackson has to offer. We are happy to ensure that your littles are well taken care of while you enjoy a much needed break.
Mountain Biking on Grand Teton National Park Pathway System

Mountain Biking Tours in Jackson Hole

Many of the best and undiscovered treasures to be found in Jackson, Wyoming lay just beyond where tourists and their motor vehicles travel on the roads. We have compiled our list of the best mountain bike tours to take if you have a chance to visit Jackson, Wyoming in the near future. There are a whole host of options available to you and your travel party from guided bike day tours, to multi-day bike tours, and even just rentals for solo exploring with Teton Mountain Bike Tours and other retail locations.

Grand Teton National Park Pathways System

Biking in Grand Teton National Park opened to the public in 2009 on the multi-use pathways system. The section within the park opens seasonally once all of the snow pack has melted. Use caution when biking in the national park as there is a high chance you will come across wildlife on your ride and some roads in the park have a narrow shoulder or lack one entirely. We may recommend not planning your bike tour in the park for early morning or late evening, as this is when the wildlife is most active. The Grand Teton views you’ll experience are some of the most stunning. You can go for any length you’d like on this pathway system. Around Taggart Lake the conditions are relatively flat for several miles and we’d recommend exploring all around this area when on a mountain bike.

Mountain Biking in Jackson Hole Image
Courtesy of Teton Mountain Bike Tours

Bike Park in Teton Village

The Bike Park in Teton Village just might be the ideal destination for the high adrenaline mountain biker. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been working hard on Gravity Logic mapping, designing, and building the bike park so visitors can have the best experience while they are here. There are trails available for both novice and more experienced riders. Enjoy sailing down the mountain, navigating around the switchbacks on your way down, and sail over some of the tabletop jumps. Once reaching the bottom of the mountain, the Teewinot ski lift can be taken up to the top of the mountain in a quick five minutes with your bike, as many times as you can take in a day. We are sure this high action adventure is one you won’t soon forget.

Cache Creek to Game Creek Loop Trail

Cache to Game Creek Loop image
Courtesy of

Arguably the most scenic mountain biking tour you will ever take, the Cache to Game Creek Loop Trail will leave you mesmerized by all of the views you will encounter along the way. Much of the landscape is untouched and undiscovered by the typical Jackson vacationer. This is a moderate difficulty mountain bike trail that is 25 miles long and not for the faint of heart. It is an excellent test of your endurance.

We hope you’ll take the time to try a new activity this summer, get out of your comfort zone, and find how much more there is to experience in the national park from behind two wheels. As always, don’t forget your bear spray. We are sure the experience will be memorable no matter where you choose to explore.

A Day in Jackson Hole with Kids

Traveling with kids in an outdoor mecca like Jackson may prove hard for some, but you can find a vast array of activities enjoyable for all ages. Read on to find some of the most popular activities.

Mornings in Jackson Hole

Photo by Persephone Bakery

Persephone Bakery
A breakfast at Persephone Bakery is the perfect start to any summer day in Jackson. Persephone is a popular tourist destination spot and with good reason. Their selection of clean and locally-sourced menu offerings are sure to be a delight to the palate for any age of diner. We highly recommend sharing the sweet potato and brussel hash. Don’t forget a gluten-free cookie for the road before you leave.

Taggart Lake hike + Picnic
If your family are early risers, we recommend beating the crowds to Taggart Lake and enjoying some early morning solitude on the lake with a picnic of complex carbs and assorted breakfast items. As always when exploring in Grand Teton National Park, remember to bring bear spray and plenty of water. You can expect this hike to take between an hour and a half to two hours roundtrip when hiking with children. Bring a camera to capture some of the incredible memories and views you will experience lake side.

Bike Ride on the Pathways System
The pathways system in Jackson is a comprehensive network of sidewalks off-road that provide safe and convenient access to schools, neighborhoods, and the town of Jackson. The system winds all throughout town from Southpark to Smith’s, alongside many of the parks, and into the town of Jackson and toward the national park entrance in Moose, Wyoming. Taking advantage of this public feature will be sure to enhance the sense of adventure on your trip. There are various bike rental shops in the town of Jackson that are happy to accommodate the needs of your family.

Afternoons in Jackson Hole

Courtesy of Snow King Mountain Resort

Cowboy Coaster
The cowboy coaster is a relatively new, and thrilling, addition to Snow King Mountain. You will get to experience Teton views like never before as you zip down the mountain at whatever speed is most comfortable to you and your child. If you have the time, enjoy lunch alongside the floor to ceiling windows inside of Hayden’s Post, mere steps away and located inside of the Snow King Resort & Hotel. The views you have of the Snow King Mountain are exceptional.

Teton Village Adventure/Bike Park
One of our favorite options when traveling with kids is the Teton Village Adventure/Bike park. We recommend saving the bike park for the teenagers. If you are traveling with teens, this is sure to be a major hit for your vacation. The Adventure Park, additionally, boasts a ropes course with safety harnesses, frisbee golf park for the less adrenaline-inclined, and plenty of hiking trails throughout the area. Don’t forget to bring bear spray, travel in large groups, and to take plenty of pictures of the gorgeous views and thrills that your children will experience.

Scenic Float Trip
Though there are many extreme water sports in and around Jackson Hole, there is still the chance for your children to experience adventure on the water with a scenic float trip. A scenic float down the Snake River is sure to provide some of the most awe-inspiring views you have ever come across as you travel down the Snake River Canyon. There is no need to worry about potential rapids, scenic float trips are catered specifically to take place on quieter portions of the river. There is a high chance you will come across bald and golden eagles, falcons, beavers, deer, and more animals on this trip adding even more thrills to this new adventure for your family. Raft guides have an assortment of knowledge about the region and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Evenings in Jackson Hole

Courtesy of Reel Deal Anglers

Wildlife Viewing
Early morning and early evening are the best times to catch animals active out in Grand Teton National Park. Remember to drive slow and enjoy the views, realizing that at any moment you may just happen to come across some bison, elk, moose, foxes, or even bears. Remember to not harass wildlife, and to stay inside of your vehicle, but take the time to enjoy the surreal moment you have with mother nature and wildlife you would never be able to see at such close quarters in any other circumstance.

The Snake River, Salt River, and Grey’s River confluence is known as the Three Rivers region – and provides some of the best fishing and assortment of fish for miles in any direction. The Palisades Reservoir, which is filled by the Snake River, is filled with plenty of secluded fishing spots, as well. There are plenty of tack and bait shops in the town of Jackson and some local workers may even share their favorite fishing holes. Enjoy a quieter evening during your trip taking in the views and enjoying a few hours with your kids. You might even catch a fish or two.

Shopping on Town Square + Pictures Under the Elk Arch
A trip to Jackson can never be complete without a picture under the elk antler arch and some retail shopping on the town square. The shops receive new goods to sell all throughout the summer and the rest of the year, ensuring you can always find something unique that you may not come across again. When traveling with young kids, make sure and stop at Teton Toys to provide them with a souvenir of their great adventure to the “Last of the Old West.”

Jackson Hole can be the perfect adventure destination, even when traveling with kids. We promise that the activities noted above are sure to be a hit with children of all ages. We look forward to serving you when planning your next trip to Jackson Hole.

Kayaking in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is the perfect destination to try your hand at some new water sports. Have you always wanted to try kayaking but haven’t found the perfect opportunity to learn to do it? Perhaps you are traveling with kids and think that kayaking may have too high of a learning curve to be an enjoyable experience. Grand Teton National Park and the Snake River provide the perfect environment for any level of kayaker. Rendezvous River Sports, in the town of Jackson, offers a variety of lessons for all types of kayak learners at this link.

Leisure Explorers

Kayaking across Slide Lake or Leigh Lake will be the highlight of your trip to Jackson. Evening paddle sessions are both refreshing and relaxing. Any member of your family can have an enjoyable time out on the lake, it doesn’t take a lot of experience to discover the national park from a new perspective. We always advise that a life jacket be worn. There are several retail locations where kayaks can be rented, as well. Jenny Lake is a popular location if you are looking for a low key time while paddling, as well. The scenic views of the Tetons in the background make for some great pictures of your vacation, as well. If you happen to be exploring Yellowstone during your trip, we recommend taking a Geyser Kayak Tour through the national park. Kayaking is the perfect way to explore the waters of Yellowstone, Lewis, or Shoshone Lakes. Our team agrees that this is one of the most exciting and unique ways to tour America’s first national park. All kayaking equipment is provided, in addition to an introduction of paddling techniques. There are full, half day, and overnight excursions available via canoe or kayak. There are both single and double kayaks available to accommodate every level of kayak experience.

Grand Tetons Kayaks Lake Reflections Boats

Thrill Seekers

For the more seasoned outdoor enthusiast, a quiet day kayaking across the lake may not bring the adrenaline rush that other activities would. We would only recommend this to those that have spent hours of time in a kayak and doing other extreme water sports and are comfortable with self rescue techniques. To take Rendezvous River Sport’s White Water Rapid Lvl 4 course, click on this link. Experienced kayakers may find the Gros Ventre River to be more of the technical challenge they are looking for with Class IV rapids located between Slide Lake the Gros Ventre River’s confluence into the Snake River. Whitewater kayakers from all over the world travel to Jackson to enjoy whitewater kayaking in the rapids. The most popular destination for these whitewater kayakers to spend an afternoon is from Hoback River/Granite Creek to the Snake River (about 12 miles). The Hoback River has sections of moving flat water, in addition to, plentiful rapids and eddies. There are some good surf and play spots, as well. One of the most popular whitewater kayaking locations on the Snake is at the Lunch Counter rapid. It is advised to be wary of any fallen trees and logs along the duration of the river. Whitewater kayaking can be thrilling for spectators to watch from the parking lots along the Hoback/Alpine canyon, too.

Courtesy of Wave Train Kayak Team

Our reservation agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have about renting gear, popular places to go without the heavy tourist traffic, and more. Spend your summer vacation in Jackson this year and discover the adventure you and your family can have kayaking. We promise you won’t regret it.

10 Things in Jackson Hole You Can’t Miss

Jackson Hole is the perfect vacation destination any time of year. While we are sure there is no end to the areas you want to explore, our team has curated a list of our Top 10 Things in Jackson Hole You Can’t Miss, to assist if you find yourself with any free time during your trip.

1. Picnic and swimming at Slide Lake in Grand Teton National Park
The lakes of Grand Teton National Park are unmatched in their stunning beauty below the majestic Grand Teton and the nearby mountain peaks. With plenty of seating, shade, and the scenic beauty in all directions, a summer day in Jackson isn’t complete without a picnic at Slide Lake. You may just glimpse some wildlife across the lake while enjoying your meal.

2. Take a photo under the famous antler arch on the Jackson Town Square
There is a chance you have seen tourist photos of your friends under one of the four Jackson antler arches that frame the Famous Town Square. This is the perfect photo opportunity in town that delights visitors of every age. Make sure to get your picture when driving through town to the national park.

3. White Water Rafting on the Snake River
For the true adrenaline junkies that come and visit Jackson Hole, a trip isn’t complete without a whitewater trip down the Snake River. Water levels can be dangerously high at the beginning of the season and tend to taper off towards August and September. Plan your whitewater trip according to what type of group you will be traveling with. Different rapids come out on different water levels in the river, rest assured, your whitewater experience is sure to be a thrill unlike any you have experienced before.

4. Mountain Biking up Cache Creek
A network of trails connecting to different regions in the valley makes Cache Creek a popular choice for dog walkers, hikers, and mountain bikers alike. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike and helmet with you, there are a multitude of bike shops in the town of Jackson that would be happy to get you set up for a day spent on the trails. Mountain biking is a great activity to enjoy with kids, as well.


5. Bar J Wranglers Chuckwagon Cook Out
The world famous Bar J Wranglers call Jackson, Wyoming home. We hope you’ll have the chance to visit their dinner and show. They will tell the tales of 1800s cowboys, share some comedy, and play live music throughout the night while you get to enjoy your delicious and authentic western meal.

6. Shopping on the Famous Jackson Town Square
A trip to Jackson can’t be complete without spending some time on the Famous Town Square. The square is, also, rich with history. Visit some of the most iconic locations on and near the square that have been here for generations, like Yippy-I-O Candy, The Wort and the Jackson Hole Playhouse. Some new and fun shops in town, include Lee’s Tee’s, the Jackson Trading Company, Pendleton Blankets, and a large variety of amazing art galleries.

7. Looking for Wildlife in Grand Teton National Park
Perhaps one of the biggest draws for tourists to Grand Teton National Park is the local wildlife. The active animal scene provides quite a thrill for visitors from different regions of the world. Bears, moose, elk, deer, marmots, foxes, and coyotes are all commonly seen mammals in the park. Be sure to bring binoculars for a chance to see bald and golden eagles in Alpine Canyon, as well.

8. Sunrise Landscape Photography at Schwabacher’s Landing
Photographers from all over the world travel to Grand Teton National Park for its unmatched landscape photography opportunities. The golden hour just before sunrise provides the perfect backlight to frame the majestic mountain peaks, sprawling valleys, and alpine covered canyons for photos. Schwabacher’s Landing is one of our favorite scenic destinations if we have time for pictures on a trip.

9. Huckleberry Ice Cream at Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream
Is any idyllic summer day complete without an ice cream cone? Huckleberries grow in the region and can’t be replicated by any commercial production process, making them a true delicacy. You may see an extensive line outside of Moo’s in the summer months, but don’t let that deter you from trying the delicious huckleberry ice cream inside. For a true locals experience, we recommend even enjoying your ice cream across the street at the famous Jackson Town Square.

Photo by Yelper Oulie T.

10. Farmer’s Markets on the Famous Town Square
Local farmers and food artisans from all over the region and the United States come throughout the summer to the Jackson Farmer’s Markets on the Famous Town Square. There are all sorts of novelty foods and produce to enjoy, from specialty grilled cheese sandwiches to lavender lemonade. Farmer’s Markets last until noon on Saturday mornings in the summer. There truly is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Take a trip out west and discover the excitement and adventures to be had for yourself in Jackson, Wyoming. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have about planning a trip to our favorite place to be on earth!

Visiting the National Parks in the Summer

Does the idea of taking a family vacation in nature strike fear in your heart? Is it overwhelming to picture your kids not being distracted by technology and having to juggle the various cans of bug spray/bear spray/sunscreen/and water bottles between the members of your group? Does it seem like more of an effort than it’s worth? The struggle of planning the perfect vacation has already been accomplished, take a chance and call our reservation agents to help us alleviate some of your fears and help you realize how refreshing a trip to Jackson and the “Last of the Old West” can be. We have local knowledge and tools that make planning for a successful national park vacation in Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone relatively simple and enjoyable.

Beat the crowds
Avoid traveling around holiday weekends, as much as possible. Roads are congested and gridlock traveling to and from the park entrances become a real issue in the summer season. To get the most out of your experience in the park, we recommend being on the roads/trailheads as early as possible. Plan to have your lunch packed and ready to eat out in nature, rather than eat in a crowded cafeteria/restaurant location. Sundown is usually when you’ll find the greatest traffic to get out of either national park. If you are staying outside of the national parks, we’d recommend planning to leave an hour before sundown to beat the stand-still traffic.

Recommended Accommodations and Dining
Dining at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room is an experience that will transport you back 50 years. Enjoy your meal to the sound of beautiful piano music in the background over the breathtaking view of Yellowstone Lake. For fine dining in the town of Jackson near Grand Teton National Park, we’d recommend the Snake River Grill, a tourist favorite. For more of a mom and pop dining atmosphere, we’d recommend Merry Piglets or Liberty Burger. The Creekside Market, across from the National Elk Refuge, has great sandwich options, as well. Our top recommendations for sleep accommodations would be to camp anywhere you can in or near the National Park. For indoor accommodations, our team would recommend The Lexington, Snow King Resort, or The Rusty Parrot Lodge.

Travel Tips
When traveling with kids, it is imperative to plan for gas fill-ups for your car. Gas station and automotive repair shops are only located at major areas within Yellowstone, including Old Faithful, Grant Village, Fishing Bridge, Canyon, Tower/Roosevelt Junction, and Mammoth Hot Springs. Plan accordingly and have a full tank of gas before exploring in the national park and know where you will fill up if staying a few days. It would be an expensive tow job should you run out of gas. Plan for three destinations you would like to see in a day and spend the rest of the day making decisions on a whim. Understand that weather conditions and wildlife traffic may impede your plans. Have the flexibility to come back another day and spend your free time on a different hike or different highway. The locations for car servicing, also, have some of the best general/gift shops in the park. We recommend taking a few minutes with kids to explore the fun novelty items for sale in any of these stores.

Visiting the national parks can certainly be a source of burn-out if there is not adequate planning involved. Our team is here to ensure that all parts of your vacation come together seamlessly, leaving you to do the relaxing. We hope you’ll take some of our local advice to have the chance to truly get to the heart of what makes these special places so treasured to the thousands of global visitors who visit throughout the year. We look forward to helping you plan your perfect vacation and promise that a few preparatory actions before your trip will all be worth it once you witness the views these national parks have to offer in person.

Jackson Hole: The Gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park

What speaks to the pride and soul of being an American more than our national parks? Few places can compete with the unmatched beauty that is found in both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, from the unobstructed views of alpine forests and mountain skyscapes as far as the eye can see, to witnessing active wildlife in their element, to viewing natural wonders and hot geysers all over both parks, there truly is no end to the vast amount of ways one could explore both regions. Jackson Hole is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to explore both of these cherished destinations in one trip.

Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park is home to over one thousand miles of trails, rivers, and mountain views for the avid outdoor adventurer. Rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, photography, wildlife viewing, whitewater rafting, and scenic floats are all popular activities that tourists and locals enjoy participating in in the national park. Early mornings and early evening hold the promise of seeing the most wildlife, including bears, moose, elk, wolves, and deer. These transitioning periods of the day, also, provide the greatest canvas for photography opportunities. There is a chance you’ll see Grizzly 399 or “Blondie” from your car along the roadsides, two of the most beloved grizzly mothers that have new cubs every spring, to the delight of tourists and locals alike. We highly recommend bringing your binoculars and best camera to capture some of the activity you will encounter in the transitioning light of the day. A few of the most popular destinations in the park, include: Hidden Falls hike (Starting at the Jenny Lake trailhead, 2.6 miles out and back), Taggart Trail hike (3 miles roundtrip), visiting the Craig Thomas Discovery Center, exploring the Grand Teton National Park road for wildlife, and visiting the Mormon Row Historic District. Parking is often limited during peak lunch periods, to ensure you get a parking space, our team recommends arriving to any trailhead or observation point in the early hours.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone, America’s first National Park, is home to over three thousand miles of wildlife habitat and geographic wonders. If traveling from Grand Teton National Park, you will come into Yellowstone via the south entrance. Some of the most popular destinations lay on the lower “loop” including, West Thumb/Yellowstone Lake, Canyon Village and the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River, Artist Point (which is just a few miles away from the Upper Falls parking lot), Madison Junction, the Firehole River, and Old Faithful (the most famous geyser in the park, which goes off roughly every 45 minutes). If you’re willing to drive a little farther to get away from the crowds, Lamar Valley has some of the greatest wildlife viewing opportunities of any other region in the park, including wolf packs and black bears. We recommend caution, as always, in these highly prized wild places and remember to always carry bear spray and to travel in groups. If you have the time, we’d recommend spending some time in West Yellowstone and enjoying the Imax Theatre and the chance to get up close and personal with the hardest to see wildlife at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.

Come experience the adventure that John Colter and other members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition first came across in the early 1800s for yourself. The magic felt in these revered places cannot be replicated anywhere else. Our reservation agents are happy to answer any of your questions about making your experience out West one to be remembered.

Jackson Hole’s Best Kept Secrets

Though Jackson is a popular tourist destination, many of the greatest gems in our valley remain largely undiscovered as tourists line the highway between the town of Jackson and entrances to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for only the most popular sites. If you’re willing to travel a few extra miles, you’ll find breathtaking beauty and views similar to the ones discovered by French trappers in the 1800s that have made this rugged landscape such a treasure for people from all over the world for generations. Learn a little more about a few of the locals best kept secret destinations below:

Courtesy of Roots Rates

1. Cache Creek
The Bar T 5 Chuckwagon show takes visitors for a western adventure just under a mile up the trail in covered wagons to enjoy dinner and a show at a designated campsite along the trail. Trail runners and mountain bikers are in heaven with the multitude of trails available to explore, including the Cache to Game Creek trail that is just over 10 miles and offers some of the most awe-inspiring views the valley has to offer. Cache Creek is home to an array of wildlife including, moose, elk, bears, and deer. Make sure to bring your bear spray and enjoy this quieter gem nestled to the east beyond the residential neighborhoods of Jackson.

Courtesy of Daryl L. Hunter – The Hole Picture

2. Swim at Goodwin Lake
Just beyond the Gros Ventre Wilderness, the Goodwin Lake trail hike is just over 6 miles that will bring you to the lake. We’d recommend bringing your swimming trunks and cooling off after lunch at this favorite spot. You’ll beat the tourist crowds and soak in unparalleled views at Goodwin Lake. The lake is frigid, which is perfect for cooling off on those unrelenting scorching days during the summer. Beware that Goodwin Lake is a popular hit with the local black bears, as well. Prepare accordingly and bring bear spray.

3. Josie’s Ridge Hike
Josie’s Ridge it is a steep out and back 2 1/2 mile hike, located just off of the bike path trail system in the town of Jackson. It offers beautiful and secluded views to the northwest of both the town of Jackson and the Tetons. It is a perfect quieter hike that is still well traveled if you are looking to break out of your routine or take your pup on a hike to some new views close to town.  If you are interested in extending your time on the hill, you can connect at the upper junction to the Snow King Nature Trail. Josie’s Ridge is open to all sorts of nature lovers from hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.

Book a trip to Jackson today and discover the magic of these unique places for yourself. Our reservation agents are happy to answer all of the questions you may have about planning a trip to Jackson Hole and the greater Yellowstone area. We look forward to helping you plan your trip of a lifetime.

Best Jackson Hole Day Trips

Jackson Hole is the ultimate playground for the daytime adventure seeker. From breathtaking hikes to wildlife viewing to scenic waterfalls and mountain biking; all are within a short drive of the Jackson town limits. Learn more about our favorite day trip destinations that are not far beyond the town of Jackson:

1. Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park is the highlight of many vacationers journey to Jackson. Jenny and Slide Lakes are perfect for family picnics. Delta Lake and Cascade Canyon Trails are favorites for more involved hikes at 9-10 miles for the seasoned hiker. We recommend leaving prior to sunrise for the greatest ability to see wildlife active in the area and to start any hikes as early as possible for your trip.

2. Yellowstone National Park
America’s first national park, Yellowstone is a crown jewel of the nation. Boasting geologic wonders in Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic, a whole day can be spent exploring the history of the geysers and hot pots in the region. For viewing wildlife, Lamar and Hayden Valleys are favorites for viewing wolf packs, bears, and bison herds. The visitor centers in Yellowstone are always bustling with great dining and retail gift shop options. Yellowstone, also, offers many different day hiking and overnight backpacking trails, as well.

Photo courtesy of

3. Teton Village Grand Adventure Park
The Grand Adventure Park is the perfect destination if you are traveling with kids. A Grand Adventure pass will get you and your family access to the tram, gondola, Teewinot lift, ropes course, climbing wall, the bungee trampoline, in addition to, a bike park ticket. The tram, gondola, and Teewinot lifts are all ideal if you enjoy sightseeing. The ropes course is an adventurous and safe option if traveling with little children. Disc golf at the Grand Adventure Park is an enjoyable and free activity for all ages and members of your family.

4. Snow King Mountain
The recent additions to Snow King Mountain offer a range of activities that are perfect for enjoying a day in Jackson with your family. Some of the activities, include Treetop Aerial Adventure Park with 4 adult courses and a children’s course (park features 100 challenges with zip lines, Tarzan swings, suspended bridges, etc.), Cowboy Coaster, scenic lift, hiking, miniature golf, paragliding, horseback rides, bungee trampoline, and more. The Cowboy Coaster, a visitor favorite, was completed in October of 2015. It is a 5 1/2 minute ride to the top and you can ride down in 2 1/2 to 4 minutes, depending on the speed that the rider controls.

Photo courtesy of

5. Palisades Reservoir
The 70 miles of shoreline on Palisades Reservoir provides plenty of space to enjoy the 360-degree alpine views in this mountain oasis. With six access roads and two boat clubs having facilities on the reservoir, there is sure to be convenient access for you to enjoy your time on the reservoir. Palisades is the perfect environment for your motorized and non-motorized boating fix, water skiing/wakeboarding, and fishing.

We hope you’ll take the time this upcoming summer season to experience the last of the old west like you never have before. The opportunities for experiences and memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime are truly endless. Call one of our reservation agents today to learn more!