Jackson Hole 4th of July, 2015

4th of July in Jackson Hole – 2016

Every summer day in Jackson is reason enough to celebrate, but nothing quite beats the 4th of July in Jackson Hole. It’s like the Super Bowl of holidays, with the parades, the fanfare, the tailgating, and the fireworks, as you celebrate all things America with your family, friends, and pretty much the whole town of Jackson Hole. So here’s to the unofficial start of summer and here’s to you Uncle Sam. Check out some or all of these local events to ensure you have the best 4th ever in Jackson.

4th of July Morning Rituals

Fuel for the 4th

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not quite sure who they are, but it’s definitely the first meal of the day, so why would you want to miss it? Plus you are going to need all the energy you can get for the 4th. This holiday is a marathon, not a sprint, so make sure to get a good start with some much needed a.m. calories at the JH Lions Club 4th of July Street Breakfast. The chow can be found just off Town Square on Center Street. It’s an annual tradition, so you know the food is legit. $10 for adults, $5 for kids (4 to 8) and free for the little ones 3 and under. The breakfast bell tolls for thee from 7am – 10am. Don’t miss it.

4th of July Parade

After breakfast, you may want to walk off some of those pancakes, but don’t worry it’s a short walk right over to the Howdy Pardners Ambassador Club 4th of July Parade. This main street type of parade has been going on about as long as the 4th has been an official holiday. Celebrate Uncle Sam and the good ol’ U.S. of A. in this small town parade that boasts a never ending stream of floats, classic hot rods, music, and more. The parade kicks off at 10:30am as it make its way around town. There’s not a bad place from the street to watch with you and your family and even though the town turns out for it, it’s nothing like the crowds, drama, and commitment of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This one is enjoyable for sure. Little kids will love collecting all the candy thrown from the passing floats. Judging of the vast local entries takes place at the grandstand on the town square. Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be organizing and designing your own float and be in this historic parade, so pay close attention this year from the sidelines. For info on being in the parade call the Chamber of Commerce at 307-733- 3316 or go to http://cdn.jacksonholechamber.com/CMS/2184/fourthofjulyparade.pdf.

Fun Before the Grand Finale of Fireworks

Eating Again, Finally

Well after all that excitement from the morning you may want some down time or you are probably ready for the second most important meal of the day, lunch. Or if you ask us whatever meal you happen to be eating is the most important. If you are still walking around town you’ll run into a plethora of great options right around the Town Square or you could always run to the grocery store if you aren’t stocked up already and throw your own barbecue with friends and family. You can’t go wrong with a barbecue on the 4th, it’s a classic.

Town Square Shootout

Head back to the Town Square or maybe you never left since the parade and lunch and shopping. The Shootout starts a shootin’ at 6pm. It’s a free and fun event and is a great way to learn about Jackson’s past without having to build your own time machine. If you know anything about time machines, you know they are so temperamental and always needing repairs. Leave the time travel to the good folks at the Town Square Shootout because those comfy new shoes you’re wearing were not around back then, nor was that iced coffee confection you are probably sipping on.

Get Your Rodeo On

Well you’ve still got a few more hours before the big show of fireworks, so why not spend it at the Jackson Hole Rodeo. The rodeo in town has been going strong for over 100 years in Jackson. It makes for a great night of fun for the family and is the perfect compliment to the 4th of July. The rodeo starts at 8pm on the 4th and runs 2 hours. Save $5 a ticket when you buy in advance online at jhrodeo.com.


Teton Village offers up some sound musical options for your 4th. The music begins with the local and legendary Jazz Foundation of JH at 4pm. If you already grabbed tickets, you’ll be checking out the Patriotic Pops program at Walk Festival Hall that is part of the Grand Teton Music Festival’s summer lineup. This show is currently sold out, but you can call 307-733- 3050 to be added to the wait-list or catch the live audio feed of it at the Village for those who missed out on tickets. Calle Mambo, with their blended brew of Latin and Salsa, is the opening act for the fireworks headliner. They’ll have you up and dancing to their rhythms and go on at 8pm.

The Grand Finale

The main event comes at 10pm on the 4th of July with not one, but two possibilities for an epic fireworks show in and outside of town. The thinking on this one is similar to that of a powder day, you don’t want to over think it, but just enjoy it and you can’t go wrong with either. Your two options are fireworks at the base of Snow King Mountain or fireworks at Teton Village at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Make your list of pros and cons for both locations: mountains = check, amazing fireworks = check, yeah you seem to get the idea. It will most likely come down on this one to where you are staying and how far you want to drive, but like we said either one will be amazing and do Uncle Sam, America, and you and your family justice.

Whatever you do on the 4th of July in Jackson Hole, just have fun and enjoy it with family and friends in this beautiful valley.