A Romantic Getaway to Jackson Hole in the Winter

If you come to Jackson and simply take a look around it’s not difficult to picture yourself in this majestic place with the one you love. There is an abundance of places to take in the cites, dine, and adventure in the outdoors together. Here are some of the most romantic getaways to take your love on your getaway to Jackson in the winter season.

Elk Refuge sleigh ride is one of the most unique experiences in town. The National Elk Refuge consists of 24,700 acres. The winters are harsh so a refuge was established in 1912 in order to help the elk and many other species get through by providing supplemental feeding. The horse-drawn sleigh takes you right up to the elk herd. The elk and the horses are comfortable together so the sleigh doesn’t spook them. It’s such a rare opportunity to see the elk up close. Taking photos and videos are encouraged but keeping your voice down, your phone off and staying in the sleigh at all times is required. This intimate experience is the perfect romantic getaway and unlike anything else in the valley.

Private sunset or sunrise wildlife tours are incredible opportunities for you to have an intimate adventure together. Jackson’s wildlife is remarkable with elk, bear, bison, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, and many more species. Both sunset and sunrise are when the animals are beginning to either bed down for the night or waking up to begin a brand new day. Wildlife tour guides in Jackson are familiar with the native species and their habitats with great respect and knowledge to share.

The Granary Restaurant at Spring Creek Ranch at the top of the East Gros Ventre Butte has it all. The dining has been called “upscale mountain-man cooking” by Bon Appetit magazine and has something delicious for everyone. The views are breathtaking with a full Teton range from their dining room. The atmosphere they provide their guests are truly memorable. 

The Blue Lion Restaurant is another unforgettable fine dining experience in the Jackson area. The lamb chops are the most popular item on their menu and never disappoint. The facilities are more intimate with a cowboy guitarist serenading the guests as they dine in a cozy cottage right in the Town of Jackson. The waitstaff is attentive and knowledgeable and make you feel right at home.

Another unique and rare outdoor adventure is a snowmobile ride to Granite Hot Springs just 30 miles south of Jackson. The road to the hot springs is not plowed in the winter for a car to travel but it is groomed for snowmobiles, cross-country skis, fat bike or dog sleds that can surely make the 10-mile trek. The windy road is long but just beautiful with the winterscape. Once you make it to the Granite Hot Spring you will see steam rising from the spring just over a wooden bridge. You pay a soaking rate for adults $8, change into a bathing suit in their changing rooms and jump right into the natural springs that get up to 112 degrees in the wintertime. Surrounded by the winter wonderland and soaking in this thermal pool is a relaxing experience to share with your love.

No matter your interests Jackson has so much to offer lovers as they take a romantic getaway to have some quality time together.