Paragliding in Jackson Hole: A View from Above

It is common knowledge that the higher up you are the better the view is, whether you are hiking, driving or climbing to the peak of one of the many mountains surrounding the Jackson Hole valley. Unless you are lucky enough to have access to a plane or helicopter, the next best thing for being higher than the peaks is a paraglider. Paragliding is a popular activity for local thrill-seekers around the valley, and likewise for those visiting. While solo paragliding requires some extensive knowledge and access to equipment, luckily there are several companies that offer tandem flights to satiate your desire for flying high above the valley floor with an experienced pilot. 

Jackson Hole Paragliding is your source for taking a tandem paragliding trip when visiting Jackson. They take trips from both Snow King mountain and Teton Village, with both options providing equally amazing but different experiences. Taking off from Teton Village at the top of the Bridger Gondola will get you a much higher head start than from Snow King, and provide relatively close up birds-eye views of the ski resort and surrounding mountain features as well as views of Teton Village and the rest of the valley.

A Snow King takeoff will allow you to see a gorgeous view of the town of Jackson, the elk refuge and the Tetons in the distance. Although the starting point is significantly lower with a Snow King take off, paragliders can still reach heights equivalent to ones that are reached by taking off from Teton Village thanks to thermals above Jackson. 

For those that have paragliding experience, Jackson Hole Paragliding does offer a guide service for solo pilots, to point you in the right direction and give tips for best practices on flying in the area as well as shuttle services and lodging.

Locals who frequently paraglide not only in Jackson but all over the country tend to consider Jackson Hole paragliding the best in the country thanks to its steep mountains and large flat valley floor. So if you have ever had an interest in going paragliding and you are in or going to be in Jackson Hole, don’t pass up the opportunity!