WOW! Views of Grand Teton National Park

Pretty much anywhere you are in Grand Teton National Park, you will be wowed! Views of Grand Teton National Park are breath-taking. But maybe you want to know where the best photos are…read on.

Schwabacher's Landing

First of all, we would suggest coming in August or September as the leaves are starting to turn, or in early Summer when the snow has melted in the valley floor and the trees are a vibrant green. This creates a great contrast with the snow-filled mountains and stark blue skies.

A Grand Teton Close-Up- Schwabacher’s Landing– Accessed on the outer park road on the left hand side just beyond Antelope Flats and Moose is a half-pavement/half-dirt road down to the Snake River and Schwabacher’s Landing. Follow the foot path to the right of the parking area and you will find a pond area that provides a great reflection of the Grand Teton that sits right in front of you.

For Panoramic Tetons-National Forest Access Road, Left Side of Triangle X– Accessed on the outer park road on the left side of Triangle X is a dirt road that will take you up behind Triangle X. Follow the road up 1 switchback and you will come to a big opening. You will have an unobstructed view of the Tetons and the Snake River Valley. Photo heaven.

views of grand teton national park

For a Mount Moran Portrait- Oxbox Bend, 3 Miles from Moran Junction- Accessed within the park gates on the left side, this photo spot has a turn-off and is hard to miss. Mount Moran reflects beautifully in the Snake River at Oxbox Bend, a still spot in the water where plenty of bird species call home. Try a morning photo shoot and Mount Moran is sure to please.

For a Cathedral Group Close-Up-North Jenny Lake Rd, Left Side Turn Out-The Cathedral Group (Mt Owen, Teewinot and the Grand) pose perfectly together at the North Jenny Lake Rd where you access String Lake. There is a turn-off on the right side about a mile in. If you park, and walk into the trees a little, you would have a gorgeous view of the Cathedral Group with some green to outline them. Spectacular.

A few other noteworthy shots. Mount Moran reflects nicely on Leigh Lake, Inspiration Point is a steep, yet short hike that gives you a neat view of Jenny Lake and the Cathedral Group, the top of the Tram at Teton Village give you a great view of the Valley floor, and Colter Bay provides a nice Northern View of the Tetons, especially when storms are coming in.

Views of Grand Teton National Park really need to be experienced first hand. And even though we provided you with a handful of fabulous shots, we personally guarantee that you will find more!