game meat in Jackson Hole

Where to Eat Delicious Game Meat In Jackson Hole


Gun Barrel’s Mixed Game Grill

Are you up for a true adventure? Jackson Hole, AKA “the Wild West”, has every adventure you need, including NEW FOOD TO TRY! Tell me, have you ever tasted mouth-watering elk steaks or scrumptious bison burgers? Boy, are you in for a treat!

With our abundant wildlife population in Jackson Hole, a wide selection of intriguing poultries, fish, and game meats are popular attractions in several of our finest restaurants.  These quality Jackson Hole restaurants will not disappoint and prepare meals to accentuate these local delinquencies.

Game Meat in Jackson Hole

game meat in Jackson HolePerhaps our most well-known restaurant touting Wild West cuisine is the Gunbarrel (a fitting name for it). In addition to elk chops, buffalo sirloin, and buffalo ribs, the Gunbarrel also serves venison bratwurst, rainbow trout, and salmon. If you are not feeling so daring, try the tenderloin medallions in a blue cheese cream sauce…YUM!

Your next adventurous opportunity could take place at the Granary at Spring Creek Ranch. The selection at this spectacular-view restaurant includes Trout Mousseline, Buffalo NY Strip Loin, Elk Tenderloin Torchon, Pheasant Airline Breast, and Pan Seared Steelhead. The scenery alone is worth the trip and the service and experience are amazing.

One of our finest restaurants, the Snake River Grill, has an intriguing Pancetta Roasted Rabbit first course and Cast Iron Seared Elk Chop for those of you venturing into the Wild West of food. Don’t forget the Bacon Wrapped Dates, Sweet Onion Rings, and the Snake River Grill Chocolate Souffle to complete your trip.

Gamefish’s Sliders

At Gamefish, a fine dining experience in the Snake River Lodge, one could experience Elk Meatball Sliders, Kobe Beef, Buffalo and Elk Chili, Smoked Pheasant Soup, Native Idaho Rainbow Trout, Buffalo Filet Mignon, and a Buffalo Burger.

Our delicious game meat in Jackson Hole is just one of many adventures to experience while you’re here. If you want to get truly daring, make friends with a local hunter…you might get to try bear, pronghorn, moose, local venison, or some other interesting game meat not served in any restaurants.