Heading to Jackson this Fall? Here are Some Packing Tips for a Successful Trip.

When you plan a trip, it’s inevitable, you’ll need to figure out what to pack. If you’re planning on heading to Jackson in the Fall, you might want to consider this list of gear and goodies to make your stay the best it can be.

Fall Packing List:

• Good boots and comfortable sneakers.

• Everything warm: Socks, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Jeans, Scarfs, etc…

• Toiletries: Definitely don’t forget these things. If you’re looking to go hiking, grab some bug spray

• Don’t forget the tent! If the great outdoors is in your vacation itinerary, a good tent with sleeping bag and air mattress will go a long way

• Swimsuit: After a long day on the trail, it’s nice to enjoy a warm hot tub or swim wherever you’re staying

• Medications: Be sure to pack EVERYTHING you need

• Cables and chargers for electronics. Also grab a small solar charger for your electronics so you can charge on the trail

• Camera: Sure you can use your phone, but with the scenery here, you might want to pack the SLR

• Sleepwear: It pays to be cozy, definitely don’t forget those furry slippers or comfortable crocs

• Casual and going out clothes. Be sure to have comfortable garments for both walking around town as well as headed out for the night to enjoy Jackson