jackson hole charm

Jackson Hole Charm

There are many different places and activities that contribute to Jackson Hole’s charm. Knowing where to find them and what they are is the hard part.

Here’s our list of 8 unique pieces that give Jackson Hole charm:

  1. Unique to Jackson Hole are the Tetons. This mountain range was formed by a fault line that pushed the Farallon Plate (under the Pacific Ocean) up and the North American Plate down. The result…mountains that jut up directly from the valley floor, giving Jackson Hole it’s amazing, breath-taking views. Grand Teton National Park is only a hop away from Jackson and offers easy access to rocky cliffs, glacial lakes, and an abundance of wildlife.
  2. Wildlife: Imagine driving along a road and watching a coyote search for prey. Or a moose wading in a pond. Or a herd of “buffalo” roaming. Or watching the deer and antelope play. That’s Jackson Hole. Keep your eyes peeled though because our wildlife move fast.
  3. A Western Shoot Out under Antler Arches- Every night of the summer, the Jackson Hole Playhouse recreates a Western Shoot Out on the North-Eastern side of the Town Square at 6pm. Cowboys battle each other on the streets of Jackson and the Old Stagecoach (which you can also ride on) brings in Law and Order. Did I mention that the arc entrances to the Town Square are made of elk antlers collected by the Boy Scouts in the spring?
  4. Mormon Row-Get a feel for life in the area when it was first settled. The Mormon Row Barns are probably the most photographed historical buildings in the area. The backdrop for these old, rustic buildings is of course the Tetons. Find these on Antelope Flats Rd as you head towards Grand Teton National Park.
  5. Wooden Boardwalks- The Jackson Town Square is lined with old wooden boardwalks that help catapult you into the rocky Old West. Complete with the old wooden creak sound!
  6. Saddle Barstools-Our Cowboy Bar, on the square, is a favorite among both locals and tourists. Complete with saloon doors, this rustic long-standing hangout sports old horse saddles to help you belly up to the bar. You can also catch a photo with the large black bear killed by a human with his bare hands.
  7. Slide Lake- The Gros Ventre Slide, back in the 1920s, took out the town of Kelly…the location of the original town. They, of course, had to move the town south and thus, Jackson was formed. The result of the slide is a lake filled with petrified trees visible from the shores. A must see.
  8. Elk Refuge (Winter)-In the winter, you can take a quaint and invigorating sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge. You can safely get as close as humanly possibly to the majestic herds of elk that winter on this refuge yearly.

If you haven’t already figured out that Jackson Hole has plenty of charm, you should probably just come and see it for yourself.