Souvenir Ideas for Jackson Hole

Having souvenirs from your travels are essential to your memories later in life. They are reminders of the activities and experiences that you had. Souvenirs are usually tangible, but we have some souvenir ideas for Jackson Hole that are combination of both.

Antler Products-Throughout Jackson, you can get various decorations made with elk antlers. Our boy scouts collect the antlers in the spring and sell them at the Elkfest the week before Memorial Day Weekend. The proceeds from this auction feed the elk on the Elk Refuge during the winter. By purchasing elk antler products, you are indirectly supporting the elk during the winter.

Huckleberry jam-This tasty and sweet treat is made from local Rocky Mountain huckleberries and can be purchased in all of our tourist shops as the grocery stores. Watch out though, bears love huckleberries and might ask you to share!

Prints– For unique souvenirs, we would recommend visiting the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum. This museum has a great collection of prints from the old days in Jackson Hole.

souvenir ideas for jackson hole

Pictures– A handful of locations around town make for excellent photography backdrops and should be included as a token of your Jackson Hole memory. Our personal suggestions include a photo under the antler arches on Jackson’s town square, a photo at any one of the pullouts in Grand Teton National Park (Try Snake River Overlook, Hwy 89/191/26 North Past Moose Junction), a photo of “Mormon Row” on Antelope Flats Road, and a photo from either the top of Teton Pass (Hwy 22) with the “Yonder” Sign or the valley floor from the top of the Tram in Teton Village. If you are really into the Old West of Jackson, check out JH Old Time Photos for a blast to the past of Jackson.

Wood carved Bears– Around town, you can see wood-carved bears everywhere. An artist south of Jackson called Jonathan the Bearman creates these beautiful pieces of art. He sells them at a few stores in town and also at our Art Fairs in Teton Village and in Millward Park.

Apparel– As far as clothing goes, there are plenty of clothing shops on the square that sell “Jackson Hole” products, including Stone’s Mercantile, Lee’s Tees, and Jackson Trading Co. However, if you want a more unique hat, t-shirt, or sweatshirt from the area, check out Hungry Jacks in Wilson, Nora Fish Creek Inn in Wilson, the Mangy Moose in Teton Village, Moosely Seconds Mountaineering in Moose, the GunBarrel in Jackson and the Snake River Brewing Company in Jackson.

souvenir ideas for jackson holeStickers– If you are more of minimalist, grabbing a JH or Wyoming Cowboy sticker is a great way to go. Again, these convenient decorations are found in all of our major grocery stores, the tourist shops and even some of our gas stations.

Hopefully, our souvenir ideas for Jackson Hole gave you something to think about. If you would like any further tips from the area, please check out our other blogs or feel free to contact us at 800-329-9205 for more information.