Mountain Biking on Grand Teton National Park Pathway System

Mountain Biking Tours in Jackson Hole

Many of the best and undiscovered treasures to be found in Jackson, Wyoming lay just beyond where tourists and their motor vehicles travel on the roads. We have compiled our list of the best mountain bike tours to take if you have a chance to visit Jackson, Wyoming in the near future. There are a whole host of options available to you and your travel party from guided bike day tours, to multi-day bike tours, and even just rentals for solo exploring with Teton Mountain Bike Tours and other retail locations.

Grand Teton National Park Pathways System

Biking in Grand Teton National Park opened to the public in 2009 on the multi-use pathways system. The section within the park opens seasonally once all of the snow pack has melted. Use caution when biking in the national park as there is a high chance you will come across wildlife on your ride and some roads in the park have a narrow shoulder or lack one entirely. We may recommend not planning your bike tour in the park for early morning or late evening, as this is when the wildlife is most active. The Grand Teton views you’ll experience are some of the most stunning. You can go for any length you’d like on this pathway system. Around Taggart Lake the conditions are relatively flat for several miles and we’d recommend exploring all around this area when on a mountain bike.

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Bike Park in Teton Village

The Bike Park in Teton Village just might be the ideal destination for the high adrenaline mountain biker. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been working hard on Gravity Logic mapping, designing, and building the bike park so visitors can have the best experience while they are here. There are trails available for both novice and more experienced riders. Enjoy sailing down the mountain, navigating around the switchbacks on your way down, and sail over some of the tabletop jumps. Once reaching the bottom of the mountain, the Teewinot ski lift can be taken up to the top of the mountain in a quick five minutes with your bike, as many times as you can take in a day. We are sure this high action adventure is one you won’t soon forget.

Cache Creek to Game Creek Loop Trail

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Arguably the most scenic mountain biking tour you will ever take, the Cache to Game Creek Loop Trail will leave you mesmerized by all of the views you will encounter along the way. Much of the landscape is untouched and undiscovered by the typical Jackson vacationer. This is a moderate difficulty mountain bike trail that is 25 miles long and not for the faint of heart. It is an excellent test of your endurance.

We hope you’ll take the time to try a new activity this summer, get out of your comfort zone, and find how much more there is to experience in the national park from behind two wheels. As always, don’t forget your bear spray. We are sure the experience will be memorable no matter where you choose to explore.