A Day in Jackson Hole with Kids

Traveling with kids in an outdoor mecca like Jackson may prove hard for some, but you can find a vast array of activities enjoyable for all ages. Read on to find some of the most popular activities.

Mornings in Jackson Hole

Photo by Persephone Bakery

Persephone Bakery
A breakfast at Persephone Bakery is the perfect start to any summer day in Jackson. Persephone is a popular tourist destination spot and with good reason. Their selection of clean and locally-sourced menu offerings are sure to be a delight to the palate for any age of diner. We highly recommend sharing the sweet potato and brussel hash. Don’t forget a gluten-free cookie for the road before you leave.

Taggart Lake hike + Picnic
If your family are early risers, we recommend beating the crowds to Taggart Lake and enjoying some early morning solitude on the lake with a picnic of complex carbs and assorted breakfast items. As always when exploring in Grand Teton National Park, remember to bring bear spray and plenty of water. You can expect this hike to take between an hour and a half to two hours roundtrip when hiking with children. Bring a camera to capture some of the incredible memories and views you will experience lake side.

Bike Ride on the Pathways System
The pathways system in Jackson is a comprehensive network of sidewalks off-road that provide safe and convenient access to schools, neighborhoods, and the town of Jackson. The system winds all throughout town from Southpark to Smith’s, alongside many of the parks, and into the town of Jackson and toward the national park entrance in Moose, Wyoming. Taking advantage of this public feature will be sure to enhance the sense of adventure on your trip. There are various bike rental shops in the town of Jackson that are happy to accommodate the needs of your family.

Afternoons in Jackson Hole

Courtesy of Snow King Mountain Resort

Cowboy Coaster
The cowboy coaster is a relatively new, and thrilling, addition to Snow King Mountain. You will get to experience Teton views like never before as you zip down the mountain at whatever speed is most comfortable to you and your child. If you have the time, enjoy lunch alongside the floor to ceiling windows inside of Hayden’s Post, mere steps away and located inside of the Snow King Resort & Hotel. The views you have of the Snow King Mountain are exceptional.

Teton Village Adventure/Bike Park
One of our favorite options when traveling with kids is the Teton Village Adventure/Bike park. We recommend saving the bike park for the teenagers. If you are traveling with teens, this is sure to be a major hit for your vacation. The Adventure Park, additionally, boasts a ropes course with safety harnesses, frisbee golf park for the less adrenaline-inclined, and plenty of hiking trails throughout the area. Don’t forget to bring bear spray, travel in large groups, and to take plenty of pictures of the gorgeous views and thrills that your children will experience.

Scenic Float Trip
Though there are many extreme water sports in and around Jackson Hole, there is still the chance for your children to experience adventure on the water with a scenic float trip. A scenic float down the Snake River is sure to provide some of the most awe-inspiring views you have ever come across as you travel down the Snake River Canyon. There is no need to worry about potential rapids, scenic float trips are catered specifically to take place on quieter portions of the river. There is a high chance you will come across bald and golden eagles, falcons, beavers, deer, and more animals on this trip adding even more thrills to this new adventure for your family. Raft guides have an assortment of knowledge about the region and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Evenings in Jackson Hole

Courtesy of Reel Deal Anglers

Wildlife Viewing
Early morning and early evening are the best times to catch animals active out in Grand Teton National Park. Remember to drive slow and enjoy the views, realizing that at any moment you may just happen to come across some bison, elk, moose, foxes, or even bears. Remember to not harass wildlife, and to stay inside of your vehicle, but take the time to enjoy the surreal moment you have with mother nature and wildlife you would never be able to see at such close quarters in any other circumstance.

The Snake River, Salt River, and Grey’s River confluence is known as the Three Rivers region – and provides some of the best fishing and assortment of fish for miles in any direction. The Palisades Reservoir, which is filled by the Snake River, is filled with plenty of secluded fishing spots, as well. There are plenty of tack and bait shops in the town of Jackson and some local workers may even share their favorite fishing holes. Enjoy a quieter evening during your trip taking in the views and enjoying a few hours with your kids. You might even catch a fish or two.

Shopping on Town Square + Pictures Under the Elk Arch
A trip to Jackson can never be complete without a picture under the elk antler arch and some retail shopping on the town square. The shops receive new goods to sell all throughout the summer and the rest of the year, ensuring you can always find something unique that you may not come across again. When traveling with young kids, make sure and stop at Teton Toys to provide them with a souvenir of their great adventure to the “Last of the Old West.”

Jackson Hole can be the perfect adventure destination, even when traveling with kids. We promise that the activities noted above are sure to be a hit with children of all ages. We look forward to serving you when planning your next trip to Jackson Hole.