Kayaking in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is the perfect destination to try your hand at some new water sports. Have you always wanted to try kayaking but haven’t found the perfect opportunity to learn to do it? Perhaps you are traveling with kids and think that kayaking may have too high of a learning curve to be an enjoyable experience. Grand Teton National Park and the Snake River provide the perfect environment for any level of kayaker. Rendezvous River Sports, in the town of Jackson, offers a variety of lessons for all types of kayak learners at this link.

Leisure Explorers

Kayaking across Slide Lake or Leigh Lake will be the highlight of your trip to Jackson. Evening paddle sessions are both refreshing and relaxing. Any member of your family can have an enjoyable time out on the lake, it doesn’t take a lot of experience to discover the national park from a new perspective. We always advise that a life jacket be worn. There are several retail locations where kayaks can be rented, as well. Jenny Lake is a popular location if you are looking for a low key time while paddling, as well. The scenic views of the Tetons in the background make for some great pictures of your vacation, as well. If you happen to be exploring Yellowstone during your trip, we recommend taking a Geyser Kayak Tour through the national park. Kayaking is the perfect way to explore the waters of Yellowstone, Lewis, or Shoshone Lakes. Our team agrees that this is one of the most exciting and unique ways to tour America’s first national park. All kayaking equipment is provided, in addition to an introduction of paddling techniques. There are full, half day, and overnight excursions available via canoe or kayak. There are both single and double kayaks available to accommodate every level of kayak experience.

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Thrill Seekers

For the more seasoned outdoor enthusiast, a quiet day kayaking across the lake may not bring the adrenaline rush that other activities would. We would only recommend this to those that have spent hours of time in a kayak and doing other extreme water sports and are comfortable with self rescue techniques. To take Rendezvous River Sport’s White Water Rapid Lvl 4 course, click on this link. Experienced kayakers may find the Gros Ventre River to be more of the technical challenge they are looking for with Class IV rapids located between Slide Lake the Gros Ventre River’s confluence into the Snake River. Whitewater kayakers from all over the world travel to Jackson to enjoy whitewater kayaking in the rapids. The most popular destination for these whitewater kayakers to spend an afternoon is from Hoback River/Granite Creek to the Snake River (about 12 miles). The Hoback River has sections of moving flat water, in addition to, plentiful rapids and eddies. There are some good surf and play spots, as well. One of the most popular whitewater kayaking locations on the Snake is at the Lunch Counter rapid. It is advised to be wary of any fallen trees and logs along the duration of the river. Whitewater kayaking can be thrilling for spectators to watch from the parking lots along the Hoback/Alpine canyon, too.

Courtesy of Wave Train Kayak Team

Our reservation agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have about renting gear, popular places to go without the heavy tourist traffic, and more. Spend your summer vacation in Jackson this year and discover the adventure you and your family can have kayaking. We promise you won’t regret it.