Snowshoe Adventures

If you’re looking to escape the crowds and experience nature to the fullest in Jackson and around Grand Teton National Park this winter season – a snowshoe adventure may be for you. Snowshoes have come a long way since they were made of ash wood and rawhide bindings before the 1950s. The assortment of snowshoes available on the market today are made to go the distance and are made of lightweight metal, plastic, and synthetic fabrics.
Being made of these lightweight materials makes snowshoeing an accessible activity for all ages. Snowshoes work by distributing the weight of a person via flotation or distributing one’s weight over a larger area so your feet and body do not sink into the snow. The type of balance you receive with this flotation makes reaching many of the undiscovered views in the winter backcountry much easier.

The top 3 locations that our team is looking forward to snowshoeing this winter season:

1. East Gros Ventre Butte

Home to Amangani and Spring Creek Ranch Resorts, the East Gros Ventre bench could often be forgotten as it is in such a secluded location 1100 feet above the town of Jackson. We’d recommend a snowshoe trip before sunrise to the top of the butte. Check with Spring Creek Ranch guest services to confirm if you can use the employee parking lot as the start of your journey. The early morning and cold will be worth it once you see the sunrise to the east. There is a high chance you’ll see elk and moose enjoying the location, as well, so plan accordingly and always keep a safe distance from wildlife.

2.Granite Falls

Make sure you take on this adventure in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. 13 miles south of Jackson, you’ll come to the roundabout at Hoback. Take the left leg of this roundabout if you are heading southbound from Jackson and drive an additional 11 miles and take a left turn onto Granite Creek Road. You could miss the turnoff to this remote location if you’re not watching closely. If you continue on this road for 9 miles and you will come to the developed hot springs pool, which is located just above Granite Falls. Dress warm, bring lots of meals, and enjoy snowshoeing around the falls and warm up at the end of the day in the hot springs pool. Winter opening day is December 6 and please respect the no alcohol rule around the premises.

3.Moose, Wyoming

In the excitement to get into Grand Teton National Park, many people drive straight past Moose, and the world-class views that the highway has to offer along the way. Make it a priority to slow down this winter season, and spend some time snowshoeing along the bike path or along the entrance into Grand Teton National Park. The national park road is open to Taggart Lake and after that point is groomed for Nordic skiing only. Make Dornan’s restaurant the final destination on your trip for the very best pizza, nachos, and drinks the valley has to offer!

Add snowshoeing in Jackson to your calendar this winter, and finally, find the time to reconnect with nature and find the adventure that is waiting just outside of the city limits. Our reservation agents are happy to accommodate with the planning of your once in a lifetime trip!