Snowmobile Jackson Hole

For those in the know, that are obsessed with the sound of brap brap to get their powder fix, Jackson is the place to be this winter for all types of snowmobilers. Unlimited fresh powder and perfectly groomed trails in an epic mountain backdrop that looks as much CGI as mother nature created, offers some of the best snowmobiling you could ever imagine. So, whether you just want to get out for a day or do an overnight trip, you’ll find plenty of outfitters and options to get your brap brap on.

Teton Tour Co.

Don’t worry, you haven’t died and gone to heaven, you’ve just come to Teton Tour Co. With scenic and wildlife tours in Bridger Teton, Gros Ventre, Granite Hot Springs, and Brooks Lake Lodge to choose from Teton Tour Co. has got you covered. From family outings to beginners, you’ll find the trip you want here.

For those looking for something a bit different or those who just want to stay on trail, take the half day tour to Granite Hot Springs. The tour runs 4 hours, covers 20 miles and ends with an unforgettable soak in the famed hot springs. Definitely not your average snowmobile excursion by any means.

Go to to find the perfect trip for you and your family. If you don’t see the tour you are looking for simply give them a call at 307-733-8800, and they will be more than happy to help you customize your adventure.

Scenic Safaris

Aptly named for adventure and wildlife sightings, Scenic Safaris is a great option to book your unforgettable snowmobile adventure. Full, half-day, or even multi-day packages will get you stoked on a 4-stroke, environmentally friendly ride. Scenic Safaris is committed to preserving and maintaining the pristine environment around Jackson Hole by using 4-stroke engines not only in Yellowstone but in surrounding National Forests as well.

Book your winter tour today in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Gros Ventre, Old Faithful, or take the Teton half-day. Switch it up and sit back and relax for a luxury van and snowcoach tour and check out the wildlife in their element in Grand Teton or see Old Faithful erupt in winter.

A great choice is the exciting Grand Canyon of Yellowstone tour, which follows the path of the Yellowstone River. You’ll feel like an explorer as you begin to discover all the wonders of Yellowstone. This is a 12-hour trip and covers some serious miles and exciting terrain. Having Yellowstone to yourself in the winter to observe all the wildlife is utterly priceless. You’ll be sure to work an appetite up on the trail, but don’t worry breakfast and lunch are included to keep you motoring. For more info on your perfect snowmobile trip, go to

Turpin Meadows Ranch

Turpin Meadows Ranch boasts 2.5 million acres of Teton terrain in its back yard to play in, so you only have to cross a snowmobile track if you want to or you can stay on 500 plus miles of groomed terrain that sits right on the Continental Divide. Take a 3-hour tour starting at $125 or go full throttle for a full day package that starts at $200 per day per driver. For more info, go to and book your Teton winter snowmobile adventure.

Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours

Since 1987 Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours has been guiding ‘bilers to the goods in Yellowstone and beyond. If you are looking for a bit more than an afternoon in the snow saddle, than take a 3-day tour of Yellowstone with this great outfitter. You’ll be sure to see plenty of wildlife as well as geysers and other one-of-a-kind geographical features that the nation’s oldest National Park is known for. Your transportation, snowmobile gear, lodging, meals, and more is all covered in this package. Don’t worry if a 3-day trip is more than you bargained for, Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours offers several day tours in Yellowstone, the Gros Ventre, and Grey’s River to meet your needs. For more info, go to or call 307-733-9767.

Leisure Sports

Their slogan boasts “We Rent Adventure” and we’d have to agree. At Leisure Sports in Jackson Hole, you can rent brand new 2016 Ski-Doo snowmobiles starting at $135 a day and set out for your own day of adventure. All snowmobile rentals come with  everything you need for a great outing: trail map, suit, helmet, boots, and gloves. You can even rent a GoPro HD camera to capture all your sick footage, so you can replay it over and over when you get home from your vacation. They’ll also be more than happy to tell you where you want to go and you can even rent a snowmobile trailer for $15 a day to haul all your rental gear.

Jackson Hole Reservations can help book all your adventures in Jackson Hole. Call today!