Temporary Closing of Jackson Hole Airport

From April 11th to June 27th 2022, the Jackson Hole, WY Airport will be temporarily closed for both Airline and General Aviation. Here is a guide on how you can still get to and around Jackson Hole during this closer. Things might get a little quiet around here during the closer times… but that can play to your advantage. Getting here still isn’t as hard as you may think. There are several routes you can go and they are.

For more General, Driving & Travel Information, please visit the Jackson Hole Chamber’s, “JACKSON HOLE TEMPORARY SPRING 2022 AIRPORT CLOSURE TOOLKIT.

Idaho Falls Airport (IDA)

Getting it’s start in 1938, the Idaho Falls Airport is only about 2 hours from Jackson. You’ll find access to Car Rental services as well as Idaho Falls has most of the major airlines on it’s roster giving you many options of travel. Grab an inbound flight to IDA and cruise into town in no time.

Central Wyoming Regional Airport (RIW)

Formerly known as Riverton Regional Airport, from here you are the 2nd furthest driving distance from Jackson Hole. At just under 3 hours, it’s not a bad drive as you head into town. Passing through the Wind River Indian Reservation certainly has it’s advantages from the scenery to the view.

Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport (RKS)

Located in Rock Springs, you won’t be too far from the slopes as this route is your 3rd furthest drive from Jackson Hole. Still not too far, you’re looking at a drive that can be anywhere from 3.5 – 4 hrs with some of the most incredible scenery you can imagine. Taking it all in certainly makes the time fly by.

Yellowstone Regional Airport (COD)

Cody, WY has a rich history going back to, “Buffalo Bill,” Cody. That’s right, as one of the early founding members, Buffalo Bill helped pioneer the region through technology & irrigation. Yellowstone Regional has food and beverage amenities with a restaurant open 7 days a week for most of the year with around 2 flights a day. From here you’re looking at a drive that can be anywhere from 4-5hrs.