Trout, Chubs, & Suckers Oh My!

It’s almost May 2022 and soon there will be plenty of fishing opportunities to be had in these parts. If you’re an avid angler, you don’t want to miss out on the fun of fishing in and around the Jackson region. With some of the most pristine locations to enjoy the outdoors, it’s no wonder visitors come from all over to grab a catch or two.

Load Up! – Grab Supplies Before You Go

There is always something you either don’t want to travel with, don’t need until you get there or, of course, you forgot and left at the house. Whatever your reason, here is a list of great shops in the area that have what you need.

JD High Country Outfitters
West Bank Anglers
Snake River Anglers
World Cast Anglers
TRR Outfitters Fly Shop
Henry’s Fork Anglers

Would You Like a Guide?

While guide’s are not a necessary part of your trip or experience out in the river fly fishing, they are an excellent way to have a knowledgeable helping hand that can get you to the fish, help you tie your flies and even assist with chow for the guests and crew. If you are thinking of or actively looking for a guide, here are a few to help get you started.

Wandering Angler
Grand Fishing
Fish the Fly
Real Deal Anglers
Chef Scott Nechay (Truly Unique!)

Where To Go Fly Fishing

You’ve got the bags packed, the gear you want to travel with prepared and you’re ready to go, but where to? If you haven’t thought about the exact location you want to head to when fly fishing here in the region, don’t worry, we’ve got a few spots you can look at before you go.

Jackson Lake
Slide Lake
Island Park, Yellowstone
Henry’s Lake
The Palisades