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Summer Tram Rides in Teton Village

Whether you are a Jackson Hole newcomer, fourth-time visiter, or local, adventure can be found at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Teton Village. At the base, at the summit, or somewhere in the middle, one can find beautiful views and enticing attractions.

Teton Village

At the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort lives Teton Village. Equipment stores, clothing stores, restaurants, lodging, and the tram dock all utilize this space. Teton Village Sports boasts a collection of rental bikes, paddle boards, hiking and fishing gear, as well as clothing featuring brands like Patagonia and Black Diamond. Restaurants we suggest include Osteria, Teton Thai, and the famous restaurant and bar: Mangy Moose. The Mangy Moose offers locally sourced food and craft beers as well as live bands throughout the week, creating a perfect space for happy hour on the mountain.

In Teton Village and on the lower mountain, Jackson Hole provides the Grand Adventure Park – a great attraction for kids and adults alike. Paragliding, a ropes course, climbing wall, disc golf, and a mountain biking park are all options at the Grand Adventure Park and are available to you with the purchase of separate passes or the package Grand Adventure Pass.

Aerial Tram

If you would like to explore higher up on the mountain, we recommend utilizing the awe-inspiring aerial tram ride to the summit. In just under 15 minutes, the tram rises over 4,000 feet of ski trails, tall pines, and jagged rock cliffs enabling you access to the ski resort summit. 10,450’ high, you can stand above Rendezvous Bowl and Corbet’s Couloir as you look out across mountain ranges in all directions. Wedged into the side of the peak sits Corbet’s Cabin dubbed “Top of the World Waffles.” As its nickname implies, Corbet’s Cabin offers waffle selections with unique topping combinations like peanut butter and bacon and hosts a deck where you can relax and enjoy the endless horizon.

From Rendezvous Peak, you have access to hiking and running trails for all abilities that criss-cross the mountain. The trails wrap beneath walls of rock and through meadows of wildflowers. During the early Summer season, you may even come across snow and have the opportunity to start a snowball fight. Along the trails, expect to find wildlife like deer, moose, and fox. You can view the trail map here.

When purchasing tram ride passes, you can select an option that provides you access to other lifts including the Bridger Gondola. The Bridger Gondola brings you to mid-mountain and at the top has a wonderful restaurant and bar called The Deck @ Piste. The outdoor space is great for relaxing, soaking up sunshine, and cocktails after a hard day of hiking or recreating. For tram ride rates for yourself and/or your family, visit Jackson Hole Summer Tram.

Experience the Jackson Hole Rodeo

There are so many ‘must do’ activities when you visit Jackson Hole that it is hard to keep up with all of them, but one of these must do’s is the Jackson Hole Rodeo which embodies the cowboy culture that built and still thrives here in the valley. The rodeo has been part of the culture in Jackson since the first settlers arrived over 100 years ago and still continues to bring entertainment to the community today.  Today’s rodeo is a perfect blend of the traditional rodeo spirit with current music, humor, and excitement.

What to Expect

An evening at the rodeo will really make it sink in that you are in the wild west of Wyoming. While not necessarily bringing you the champions of today, the Jackson Hole rodeo draws in some of the best young talent in rodeo as well as former top rodeo pros. The rodeo is made up of several rounds of multiple different events including roping, barrel racing, and bull riding with some fun sideshow entertainment in between. Outside of the actual rodeo events going on inside the ring, food and drinks, including beer are available at the concession stands. Also nearby to the concessions is a mechanical buffalo for spectators to get a chance to be like the pros, as well as a miniature fake calf and lasso for young kids to get a shot at pretending to rope.

The Crowd Gets Involved Too

Throughout the night there are several opportunities for the crowd to get involved, between free giveaways and certain points where spectators are asked to enter the ring for special events.  The most popular of these events is the Sheep Scramble, where audience members 12 and under are asked to come on down and challenged to catch a sheep in the ring, making for a hilarious scene that always gets the crowd going. Also, there is typically an event that involves older attendees to get involved in the ring and is typically just as funny as the Sheep Scramble.

Schedule & Info

With rodeos occurring twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday nights, from Memorial Day through Labor Day and three times a week with rodeos on Fridays throughout August, there is no shortage of opportunities to see this Jackson tradition live. The event starts at 8 pm and typically goes until shortly after 10 pm and is located at the Rodeo grounds at 447 Snow King Ave. in Jackson nearby the base of Snow King Mountain. Groups of people usually start to arrive around 7:15 pm to buy tickets, however, they are available to purchase online. It is still smart to arrive early to get prime seats. Depending on what section you decide to purchase tickets for, tickets range from $20-$30, kids under 15 and adults over 55 get $5 off.  

This photo of Jackson Hole Rodeo is courtesy of TripAdvisor
If you are ever here visiting, you now have no excuse not take a trip over to the rodeo grounds for a night full of fun and excitement. We hope to see you there!

For more info and tickets check out

Wildlife Tours in Jackson Hole

Your reason for wanting to visit Jackson Hole is certainly not to see a football game, or see a Broadway show (although you can still do these), you likely are drawn to this valley for its wondrous views, abundant wildlife and the adventure that beckons. The best way to take advantage of these draws and increase your chances of spotting the most wildlife is to rely on a trusted guide who knows the hot spots for wildlife and breathtaking views in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Here, in no particular order, are some of our favorite wildlife tour companies and guides in the Jackson Hole area.


This veteran-owned tour company has strong positive reviews and offers both public and private tours in Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park guided by knowledgeable and enthusiastic locals. Their tours range from four hours to four days and also offer a “Wet n’ Wildlife Float Combo Tour” that collaborates with Dave Hansen Whitewater to spend half of the day exploring on land and the other half floating on the scenic Snake River. If exploring Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park aren’t enough for you, BrushBuck also offers tours in Africa, Alaska, and South America.

Bear Witness Safari

This small and highly personal tour company run by geologist, photographer and seasoned wildlife guide Jim Blair offers in-depth and highly educational tours through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Jim will take you through areas of both parks where he knows from experience will have swaths of wildlife. He offers private and shared tours that range from half day to three days offering delicious meals from local chefs. If the wonderful wildlife and scenery do not satisfy you, Jim’s enthusiasm and charming southern accent will!

Hole Hiking Experience

Hole Hiking Experience offers a variety of different style tours all designed to fill your adventure needs. Hole Hiking Experience has been around since 1989 and offers activities year round including hiking (obviously), wildlife sighting, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, backpacking, fishing, yoga and more.  You may choose to combine activities as well as the duration you would like for your guided experience. Hole Hiking Experience is highly versatile and knowledgeable about the area, providing for an amazing experience every time.

Teton Wild

Custom wildlife tours from Teton Wild allow you to enjoy a private wildlife tour where you let them know your interests and they will accommodate the tour to your desires. These tours can accommodate up to seven patrons and can either be half or full day tours with lunch and snacks included. Their experienced guides will let you in on the secrets of the valley and what makes it special, including the story of how the wolves saved the aspen trees.

Eco Tour Adventures

This Adventure guide company prides itself on being environmentally friendly and philanthropic to local conservation and research groups that help protect the natural surroundings in the national parks and beyond. With tours and programs ranging from half day to five days, Eco Tours will take you through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park providing you with endless photo opportunities. You can also choose to go birding with one of their bird specialist guides who will help you spot many of the rare species native to the area.

No matter which wildlife guide company you may choose to go with, we are certain that you will not be disappointed. The beauty of the Tetons and vast wilderness of Yellowstone are unlike anywhere else in the world and known to steal the hearts of nearly everyone who visits.

See Old Faithful Erupt and Visit the Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful

Old Faithful is one of the most or possibly the most famous geyser in the United States. Known for its size and regularity, it is a must see on your list of places to visit throughout Yellowstone National Park. As its name suggests, Old Faithful has a very accountable eruption frequency, usually occurring every 35 to 120 minutes. ‘Pre-play,’ or little jets of water spouting from the ground and rising steam, can last around 20 minutes before the largest part of the eruption takes place. The most fascinating part of the upsurge lasts around 3 to 10 minutes and reaches heights ranging from 90 to 184 feet! During this duration, Old Faithful on average discharges 8,400 gallons of water.

There are benches meant for viewing surrounding the geyser at a safe distance of approximately 300 feet. Park rangers will usually display a predicted eruption time, so you can plan ahead. Although these predictions may be slightly inaccurate, and a little bit of waiting may be involved.


Old Faithful Inn


Old Faithful Inn (Source:
Old Faithful Inn, northeast aspect – Haynes postcard 1914

The Old Faithful Inn, just behind the viewing area for the geyser, is the largest log structure in the World. Built during years 1903 to 1904 using local logs and featuring a large stone fireplace, the Inn is the most requested hotel inside of Yellowstone. The Inn hosts a number of different sized and priced rooms, some with a view of the geyser through the trees. It is located at 1 Grand Loop Rd, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190.





Guided Adventures

The Old Faithful Inn offers Guided Tours and Adventures that depart directly from the Inn and can supplement you in your discovery of the National Park. From tours that last a few hours or a whole day, you can choose to see the Firehole Basin – the greatest geyser region in the World, go on a Photo Safari, or sight-see on rental bikes. The Circle Of Fire is the most classic adventure option in which your driver-guide brings you to as many of Yellowstone’s main attractions as he/she can including the Falls of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Lake, and Hayden Valley.

Whether you are looking to stay in Yellowstone or simply visit, stopping to see Yellowstone’s largest most regular geyser and the historic Old Faithful Inn are highly recommended by us! To learn more visit Yellowstone National Park Lodges

How to Get the Most Out of Grand Teton Park in One Day

Taking a trip to Grand Teton National Park is a life-changing experience even if you only get to see the stunning view of the range from a distance. Once you have soaked in the view, you may find yourself wondering what else this beauty of a national park has to offer, and the short answer is… A LOT! The long answer is the reason this blog exists, so without further ado here is your guide to making the most of Grand Teton National Park in one day.  

Take a Scenic Drive

On your way north from Jackson into the National park, there are a few options to take for gorgeous views of the Teton range and its surroundings as well as the vast wildlife that flourishes in the area. The main routes to take are the Teton Park Road, which takes you around the base of the range and leads you to the Jackson Lake Junction. You can also stop well before Jackson Lake and split off to the Jenny Lake Loop scenic drive which takes you west, closer to the base of the mountains. This loop will bring you back to Teton Park Rd. and all along these scenic routes are great turnout points for photo opportunities. Scenic Drives.

Hike Around One of the Lakes

There are a few great hikes that won’t take too long or wipe you out for the rest of the day, and still offer stunning views and immerse you in the natural surroundings. The first spot to potentially check out if you want to get out hiking early is the Taggart Lake Trailhead which is a popular destination as it is one of the first trailheads if you enter the park from the south.  If you drive to south Jenny Lake there is also a great mellow 2.5 mi hiking trail that takes you to some great views of the Tetons over the lake, or you can take a ride across the lake on a shuttle boat if you do not wish to walk. Hiking Maps

Have a Meal in the Park

Assuming you are now nearby Jackson Lake after the completion of your scenic drive, there are a couple of great dining spots surrounding the lake, with the main stopping areas being Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay, and Leeks Marina. Jackson Lake Lodge has three great dining options in itself with the Mural Room, Pioneer Grille, and Blue Heron Lounge. Colter Bay is home to the Ranch House and Cafe Court. My personal favorite is the Leeks Pizzeria in Leeks Marina. The pizza is great and the views are fantastic.  Restaurant Listing & Info.

Get out on the Water

After lunch, getting out on the water is a must whether you rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard or even sign up for a scenic lake cruise. Colter Bay Village is the most ideal area to take off from onto Jackson Lake. If you decide to take one of the scenic cruises you will be enlightened by your guide on some great history of the area, as well as the names of the peaks that are surrounding you. Learn More about the Colter Bay Area


For more information about the different areas of the park, lodging options, dining and more check out

1st Timer’s Guide to Jackson Hole

Prepare to fall in love! That’s right, if you are visiting Jackson Hole for the very first time, you are about to fall in love. Jackson Hole is the greatest experience! Everything you want in a vacation holiday wrapped up in an Old West town bordering two wild and scenic national parks. Who could ask for more? But it’s important to at least hit the highlights, so here’s a 1st timer’s guide to Jackson Hole in the summer to make sure you get the most of your trip!

You will want to experience a bit of the Old West. Try to make it to the ShootOut on the Town Square and a Chuckwagon Dinner at Bar T5 or the Bar J Chuckwagon. If you have extra time, be sure to go on a horseback riding excursion up at Spring Creek or in Teton Village, visit the Colter Bay Visitor’s Center and the JH Historical Society’s Museum to get a taste of our history, take a ride in the Stagecoach on the TownSquare, and get a souvenir photo at Old Time Photos. The famous Cowboy Bar also has saddles for bar stools and is a great spot for a quick photo opportunity.

A must do for Jackson Hole is a float on the Snake River, either in the rapid section of the “Canyon” for those adventurous types or the scenic section through Grand Teton National Park for sightseeing. Dave Hansen WhitewaterMad RiverJackson Hole WhitewaterBarker Ewing, and Solitude are all great companies to book river adventures with. Learn more here:

Jenny Lake hike with baby in towJackson Hole is all about its outdoor activities, hiking being one of the most common with so many hiking trails to explore. In Grand Teton National Park, the most popular destinations are Taggart and Bradley Lakes, Jenny Lake/Hidden Falls, and the John D Rockefeller Center. These hikes are not super strenuous, make for a great ½ day activity, and offer plenty of opportunities to see wildlife, especially if you go extremely early.

We have wildlife! Lots of it! But in order to see these sneaky little (and large) friends, you have to put a little effort in. Get up early and drive down Moose Wilson Road (WY 390) extremely slowly. Stay up in Yellowstone for a night and find a nice lazy stream that you can overlook from the safety of your car. Be patient. Bring binoculars. When you see a couple of cars stopped, it’s likely elk, moose or buffalo. If you see a lot of cars stopped, it’s probably a bear or a wolf. Have those cameras ready!

You must visit Yellowstone and at least plan to spend one day there. You can drive the lower loop of the figure 8 that is Yellowstone in a day but be aware…you will be coming back to Jackson Hole. Yellowstone’s natural geological features are AMAZING! Be sure to visit Old Faithful. Visit the Lamar Valley in the early morning or late evening to see wildlife.

If you have some spare time, there are several other 1st timer’s activities in Jackson Hole that are extremely enjoyable. Consider spending a day on String Lake and be sure to bring a paddleboard, kayak or canoe to travel over to Leigh Lake. Visit Teton Village and ride our Aerial Tram to the top of Glory Bowl and then spend the afternoon enjoying the numerous activities out there. You could golf at one of our many delightful golf courses or rent ATVs and tour through the Gros Ventres. Also, consider taking an exciting ride on our Alpine Slide and Cowboy Coaster at Snow King Mountain in downtown Jackson.

What’s not to love about Jackson Hole! If you are a 1st timer here, you will leave immediately wanting to come back. The plethora of activities, our delectable summer weather, and the wildness and beauty of the area make Jackson Hole THE PERFECT SUMMER ADVENTURE!



Hiking to Taggart Lake

Jackson Hole is the Ultimate Family Vacation!

ultimate family vacationSpring Break is over and already the kids are asking you for yet another fun-filled family adventure. Reflecting on a great time just passed, you decide you need to plan another family trip, except this one needs to outdo all past adventures. You recall mention of Jackson Hole, and you wonder…could this be our next ultimate family vacation?

Absolutely! The possibilities are endless in Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is the ultimate family vacation!

Ideas for family activities in Jackson Hole:

In Jackson Hole, you can spend the day touring through one of the most majestic national parks in the United States, our beloved Grand Teton National Park,  and spend the evening in one of our taste-of-the-Wild-West Chuckwagon Dinners, perfect to entertain the young ones.

visit jackson holeIn Jackson Hole, you can go on a safari for our local wildlife, including grizzly bears, mountain lions, wolves, moose, elk, deer, and all sorts of small little creatures, and sometimes they even come to you.

In Jackson Hole, you can spend the day on String Lake, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or boating, and spend the evening experiencing an Old West Shootout live on the Town Square in the heart of Jackson.

Jenny Lake hike with baby in towIn Jackson Hole, you can paraglide or ride a hot air balloon in the morning, hike to Hidden Falls in the afternoon, and experience a delectable meal at one of our fine dining restaurants.

A family vacation to Jackson Hole would not be complete without experiencing the roller coaster or alpine slide at Snow King Resort. Snow King Mountain, our “town mountain” has an alpine roller coaster and alpine slide in addition to a ropes course, perfect for a day-o-fun for the entire family. You can also enjoy a peaceful ride on the chairlift to gain a fantastic view of the valley of Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole whitewater adventuresYou can experience the wild, rough waters of the Snake River Canyon or take a peaceful day trip on the Snake River through Grand Teton National Park for a great family memory.

Our mountain bike trails at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are perfect for the beginning rider, complete with a chairlift to allow for the most enjoyment of the sport. And in case your children are not tired enough, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort even has a frisbee golf course, a ropes course, a climbing wall, and a bungee trampoline that the kids will absolutely love!

Snow King Mountain's Alpine SlideIn Jackson Hole, you can rent a bunch of ebikes and tour throughout the valley; even the kids can keep up! You can take a soak in our Granite Hot Springs; the kids will love it and the parents will feel relaxed. You can go horseback riding, both in the park and down closer to town, to help along those dreams of being a cowboy.

Let’s face it. In Jackson Hole, the family can do anything they want. Jackson Hole is the ultimate family vacation.  And we didn’t even mention Yellowstone National Park…

Take a Soak: Hot Springs Near Jackson Hole

Are you looking to take a little dip out in Mother Nature? Soaking in hot springs near Jackson Hole can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and an even better way to release all those tight muscles. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer us, so take a soak and enjoy the hot springs near Jackson Hole and the surrounding area.

Granite Hot Springs

Granite Hot Springs | Jackson Hole
Granite Hot Springs | Jackson Hole

One of our favorites is Granite Hot Springs, a magical place located about 40 minutes south of the town of Jackson. Wind your way through Hoback Canyon and drive up Granite Canyon about 8 miles. Signs will direct you up this cute little path where this developed hot spring pool awaits you, ready to wash away all the stress of the day. As you submerge yourself in the 100+ degree water, the sound of the wind in the trees and the view of the rocky cliffs and thick forest around you gives you a sense of peace. Granite Hot Springs does vary in temperature, with colder water in the springtime during melt-off and warmer waters during the late summer and early winter. There are also small changing rooms and a minimal fee for entrance. This is a great day activity for the kids and there is a bonus waterfall just below the hot springs that is a great picnic spot!



Astoria Hot Springs

Astoria Hot Springs is next on our list. What makes its location so fabulous is that it sits perfectly on the side of a raging river in the Snake River Canyon just south of Hoback. The Astoria red bridge is the marker for this undeveloped hot spring. Park in the boat launch area and walk upstream along the river, as if on some mystery hunt. Kinda exciting, huh? You will know you have arrived when you are able to smell sulfur and see some rock pools. These hot springs are on the toasty side and are sure to test even the most avid hot springs lovers. Astoria Hot Springs offer excellent views of the Snake River Canyon. The best time of year to visit these hot springs is between August and April when the river is lower.

Yellowstone’s Boiling River

Yellowstone's Boiling River
Yellowstone’s Boiling River

Yellowstone’s Boiling River makes for a fabulous stop on your trip through Yellowstone. From autumn through winter, the Gardiner River becomes a hot tub where Mammoth Hot Springs feeds into the river and warms the water perfectly. If you come to early, the river flows too high and the water just simply isn’t warm enough. Look for the “45 Parallel” sign on the highway and drive south about 3 miles to a parking lot on the east side of the road. Just upstream from this parking lot, there’s a great little swimming area perfect for a nice warm soak. 

Heise Hot Springs

Heise Hot Springs is a great option for those travelers coming in from the west. This developed hot spring sits on the bank of the South Fork of the Snake River near Ririe, Idaho and has both a hot pool and a large swimming pool. Heise Hot Springs has a small quaint restaurant, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon after fishing. Heise also has a great water slide that’s open in the summer and is only a short hour and 20 minutes away from Jackson Hole.

Chico Hot Springs and Lava Hot Springs

Chico Hot Springs
Chico Hot Springs
Lava Hot Springs
Lava Hot Springs

Two other notable hot springs in the area well worth the trips are Chico Hot Springs and Lava Hot Springs. Both are developed and are nice places to stay. We would also mention that there are several different pools in Lava with varying degrees of heat, and Chico has a fabulous 5-course dinner to die for and a delightful spa. Both are well worth the trip!

Hot springs near Jackson Hole are delightful ways to relax and unwind. Soak, relax, and enjoy Mother Nature at it’s finest. After all, Jackson Hole has everything you need to recharge yourself! 

game meat in Jackson Hole

Where to Eat Delicious Game Meat In Jackson Hole


Gun Barrel’s Mixed Game Grill

Are you up for a true adventure? Jackson Hole, AKA “the Wild West”, has every adventure you need, including NEW FOOD TO TRY! Tell me, have you ever tasted mouth-watering elk steaks or scrumptious bison burgers? Boy, are you in for a treat!

With our abundant wildlife population in Jackson Hole, a wide selection of intriguing poultries, fish, and game meats are popular attractions in several of our finest restaurants.  These quality Jackson Hole restaurants will not disappoint and prepare meals to accentuate these local delinquencies.

Game Meat in Jackson Hole

game meat in Jackson HolePerhaps our most well-known restaurant touting Wild West cuisine is the Gunbarrel (a fitting name for it). In addition to elk chops, buffalo sirloin, and buffalo ribs, the Gunbarrel also serves venison bratwurst, rainbow trout, and salmon. If you are not feeling so daring, try the tenderloin medallions in a blue cheese cream sauce…YUM!

Your next adventurous opportunity could take place at the Granary at Spring Creek Ranch. The selection at this spectacular-view restaurant includes Trout Mousseline, Buffalo NY Strip Loin, Elk Tenderloin Torchon, Pheasant Airline Breast, and Pan Seared Steelhead. The scenery alone is worth the trip and the service and experience are amazing.

One of our finest restaurants, the Snake River Grill, has an intriguing Pancetta Roasted Rabbit first course and Cast Iron Seared Elk Chop for those of you venturing into the Wild West of food. Don’t forget the Bacon Wrapped Dates, Sweet Onion Rings, and the Snake River Grill Chocolate Souffle to complete your trip.

Gamefish’s Sliders

At Gamefish, a fine dining experience in the Snake River Lodge, one could experience Elk Meatball Sliders, Kobe Beef, Buffalo and Elk Chili, Smoked Pheasant Soup, Native Idaho Rainbow Trout, Buffalo Filet Mignon, and a Buffalo Burger.

Our delicious game meat in Jackson Hole is just one of many adventures to experience while you’re here. If you want to get truly daring, make friends with a local hunter…you might get to try bear, pronghorn, moose, local venison, or some other interesting game meat not served in any restaurants.

Thrill-seeking Activities in Jackson Hole

Do you want a heart-pounding, knuckle-clenching Jackson Hole adventure? Are you seeking a memory to last you a lifetime? The Wild West is alive and kicking and ready to show you a trip that will burn into your brain for a lifetime! Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a pristine, mountainous hideaway filled with exciting experiences perfect for the thrill-seeker!

High Mountain Heli-Skiing

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe snow? Bottomless snow. The sound of a heartbeat. Heaven. Freedom. Exhale. Untouched fields of endless powder are at your doorstep when you take a once-in-a-lifetime experience of Heli-skiing with High Mountain Heli-Skiing. Few are lucky enough to have the memory of a day their grin just wouldn’t go away!

Jackson Hole Wyoming - Grand TetonEver wondered what the ancient structure on top of the West Summit of the Grand really looks like? Well, if you climb the East Summit, you could look down and find out. Climbing the Grand Teton is not for the weak. Exum Guides and Jackson Hole Mountain Guides both run overnight trips up this 13,770 ft mountain and a few actually accomplish it. Weather in the mountains is unpredictable, making this mountain a particularly dangerous and exciting climb. And once you accomplish that mission, check out Mount Moran for a spin.

Have you caught a thermal today? If you haven’t, you should probably give it a whirl. Jackson Hole Paragliding whisks you off the stability and comfort of the top of the tram and takes you soaring through the air. Your life is at the mercy of the winds…we cannot think of something more thrilling!

You’ve surfed in Hawaii, New Zealand, California and all those other big spots…but have you surfed Wyoming? Lunch Counter, a particularly gruesome rapid known for flipping rafts and dumping passengers, happens to be a fabulous place to surf. Go figure! Rendezvous River Sports rents surfboards and at 9,000 and 12,000 CFS, Lunch Counter is perfect for an epic Wyoming surf session!

You could, of course, jump into Corbet’s Couloir on your fat powder skis and navigate the rocky cliffs on either side. Or compete in the World Championship Hill Climb on a snowmobile at Snow King. We also have a Town Downhill and a Dick’s Ditch Slalom race if you feel the need for speed.

Corbet’s Couloir at JHMR


Whatever memory you are seeking to create, Jackson Hole can create it for you. OK, so maybe you cannot go a safari with lions here….

oh, wait…

we have mountains lions, bears, wolves, moose, bison, elk…

Your adventure starts in Jackson Hole! Come for the experience, leave with a dozen memories!