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Jackson Hole Summer Activities

Summer Activities & Teton Activites

Summer Activities in Jackson Hole Wy are great for vacations, and add to the whole feel of your experience to Jackson Hole. Come experience a summer adventure with us here, and you'll never forget it ! We promise! Call our consierge; Teton Activities planning services at 888-838-6636 and let them help you plan your summer vacation. We'll take the hassle out of planning your experience and let you just enjoy the sun!

There are a very wide range of activities and adventures here to choose from such as Brushbuck Tours, Horseback Riding, White Water Rafting, Wooden Boat Tours, Hiking and Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing , Golf and Tennis and more! Let one of the experienced agentsat Teton Activities help you create a memorable vacation memory that lasts a lifetime.. What do you want to do today?

Ballooning Jackson Hole

Ballooning - Jackson Hole

We soar from fifteen hundred to over four thousand feet above the launch, depending upon conditions. But whether a mile or a millimeter above the meadow ,that lighter-than-air feeling stays with you, and may last long after the gentle landing. Check out Ballooning in Jackson Hole

Chuck Wagon Dinners - Jackson Hole

Experience a never to be forgotten western adventure at the Chuckwagon Dinners. Step back in time as you climb aboard our covered wagons and ride to our outdoor dining room on the bank of a clear mountain stream in beautiful Cache Creek Canyon.
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Fly Fishing - Jackson Hole

Experience pristine trout waters in the heart of the Tetons for Jackson Hole Fly Fishing. Professional guide service on Wyoming's Snake, Green and New Fork Rivers. Whatever your level of fishing skill, Many Guides available will navigate you to the best locations in Jackson.
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Fly Jackson Hole - Jackson Hole

While experiencing Jackson Hole, nothing quite compares to seeing the breath-taking natural beauty from the sky. Soaring along the Tetons, you will escape into glittering alpine lakes, distant waterfalls and wild canyons that will make for an epic adventure of a lifetime. At Fly Jackson Hole, we give travelers the opportunity to tour the Teton range from above in our comfortable aircraft.
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Soaring Eagle Glider Flights - Jackson Hole

"Top Fun" Flights from the Jackson Hole Airport. Soar High and Fly like an eagle!! With Awesome aerial adventures in a diamond Xtreme Powered Glider. Offering Spectacular Scenic Fights over Jackson Hole & The Teton Mountain Range.
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Golf - Jackson Hole

Majestic scenery, excellent golf and spectacular settings combine to make Jackson Hole an award winning Golf destination. The spectacular views of the surrounding snowcapped mountains, The natural beauty of the terrain, creates unique and challenging courses.
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Hiking - Jackson Hole

Discover unique areas surrounding Jackson Hole. Hiking through beautiful mountain meadows with endless scenic vistas. Hike within the Bridger-Teton National Forest and explore the 3.4 million acres of hiking terrain.
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Horseback Riding - Jackson Hole

If you're going out west, you need to go horseback riding, you can get great views of the Jackson Hole area.Jackson Hole offers a wide variety of ways to get on a horse and see some magnificent country.

Kayaking - Jackson Hole


Mountain Biking Tours - Jackson Hole

We have Mountain Bike tours for every ability level, from the first time leisure rider to the advanced rider. Children over 8 are encouraged to ride with us. Family outings are encouraged. Day trips depart between 8-9am.
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Mountain and Rock Climbing - Jackson Hole

You do not have to be a legend to experience the accomplishment of Jackso Hole Mountain Climbing and Rock Climbing. Guide services can take you up one of the Tetons or teach you climbing on one of several routes in the valley.
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Music and Rock Concerts - Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole offers a wide range of Jackson Hole Concerts and Live Music. The Grand Teton Music Festival in Teton Village offers some of the finest in classical music. At many of the taverns in town there is live bands playing rock, bluegrass, reggae, country and western.
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National Parks - Jackson Hole

Experience breath taking views of quite possibly the most beautiful place on Earth. Your guides will show you the amazing Tetons, the bubbling hot springs and mud pots, water falls that are twice the height of Niagara as well as spouting geysers that will amaze everyone.
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Paragliding - Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Paragliding is becoming a very popular sport. Advances in material and chute technology have made the sport safer. Many enthusiasts come to Jackson Hole for the spectacular launch sites including the Jackson Hole Aerial Tram.
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Sundance Tennis and Swim Club

Sundance Tennis and Swim Club is an outdoor recreation facility for tennis and swimming. Teton Village, Wyoming is home to a variety of Jackson Hole vacation rental condominiums and townhomes which offer access to the Sundance Tennis and Swim Club. 

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Tennis - Jackson Hole

The Jackson Hole Tennis facilities at the Jackson Hole Golf and Country Club are of incomparable quality. The club uses 6 Plexicushion courts for your tennis amusement and a top of the line pro shop to tend to your every need.
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Theatrical Performances and Concerts - Jackson Hole

The Off Square Theatre Company is presenting a wide diversity of work, from comedy and puppet theatre to classical texts, home grown productions to new theatre exploring issues of the death penalty and intolerance, this season will inform, amuse and challenge perceptions in ways that stimulate dialogue as well as meaningful exchange.
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Tramrides - Jackson Hole

Ride the Tram 2.4 miles up the Rendezvous Mountain for one of the world's most spectacular views. The tram is not only a fun ride with spectacular views of the area, but it's also an ideal starting point for a variety of activities: hiking tours, backpacking trips, paragliding, and rock climbing.
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White Water Rafting - Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is home to a wide range of river running options. Jackson Hole White Water Rafting trips vary from the calm, scenic routes to the wild and exciting whitewater of the Snake River Canyon. It is Jackson Holes's most exciting trip for good reason!
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Wooden Boat Tours - Jackson Hole

Since 1974, FatBoy Fishing has been offering custom guided fishing trips and Wooden Boat Tours on the Snake River in Jackson Hole. This tour focuses on the wildlife, flora and majestic scenery of the valley's riparian habitat.
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